Google Play Review

Note: Before giving my review Id like to inform any readers that I have been a Support Admin for the game for 10 months and a normal player for 12 months, so my review could seem bias to some. That being said lets begin.

Overall Laurum Online is a fun little diamond in the rough. It has a diverse playerbase which can be both good and bad at times. There are toxic moments like any game, but most of the time its pretty laid back.

The game has a good amount of content, but definitely could use more new content for players with higher Rebirths. The Dev and Mods are always friendly, talkative, help when they can, and joke around a lot.

The dev is a solo dev so updates can be slow at times, however, they are usually big updates to make up for the delay. There are a small group of players that assist the dev to help expedite updates and he is always seeking feedback within discord.

If youre looking for a fun pixel mmo you definitely found it. Does it need improvement? Yes, however, it is ever improving.

Side Note: We have some cool things planned for 2020, come join us and be part of the history as all these things unfold.