Good Suggestions


  1. Make it so you can upgrade/downgrade eqiupment to the next/previous level. For example, if i have a level 1 helmet I can upgrade it to level 10, then level 20, ect. Or I can downgrade it from level 20-1, ect. These upgrades/downgrades should be quite costly.

  2. Make it so you can combine 3 of the same enchant to be able to obtain the next tier. For example 3 normal gypsum = 1 rare gypsum. The equipment you combine needs to be the same level (which can be made easier with the suggestion above).

  3. Increase hunters normal movement speed/str stats slightly.

  4. Make a aurgument for quests which increases quest/crafting drops, gold, and exp from doing quests. Maybe you could call the aurgment “luck”? If you do add this aurgment, make it so itemdrop aurgs reduce the amount of quest/crafting drops you recieve per kill, and buff the amount of equipment droped, maybe even make it so item drop increases your chances of recieving a 3 aurgment drop, or a item with + upgrades added to it.

Ty for reading my suggestions, I hope you enjoyed =)


Nice, especially number 2 with some fail chance so lower enchants (normal & rare) can be more valuable in market.

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My thoughts exactly, could really boost the economy =)

Maybe make it so you could also trade jewl shards for example you have 9 jewl d shards then buy 1jewl d shard from someone instead of just buying jewl and same with other items like example ectoplasma,worm,gold hook,dusty tomb

I like the idea of being able to trade crafting materials.

nice suggestion, tho its not feasible right now, thats a huge job of setting up a new system

Yeah to make a whole new trading system with all those different materials will take quite a while