Gold sink ideas

After the last quest update LO has been generating about 30million gold per day - this has a huge impact on the game’s economy and that is why we need to discuss ways of taking out gold out of the game.

Things like broker fees, shop item prices, rebirth cost, re-roll fee, gold drop on death and others help us burn some of the gold that is generated per day but this is not enough or not done properly.

There are a couple of videos I would like you to watch before suggesting stuff here so you understand why we need this and how other games have done it (successfully and unsuccessfully).

This is a serious topic and please do your best to watch and understand both videos above before suggesting stuff, thanks :smile:!

By @Jorob in Discord:

If you want to add to the sink:

  • add a significant gold component to crafting (costs 40 x, 30 y and 50k gold). This can work as a balancing factor in crafting to prevent hoarding there as well.
  • sell a RB points reset potion at a very high gold cost (or craftable with rare components and high gold)
  • increase RB gold cost scaled to number of RB (though I think I’m going to regret this idea). Crafting variant, rebirth potion requiring both gold and rare lore items.(edited)
  • I think it’s bad form to do it after the fact, but you could also add a gold component to upgrades.

Some ideas:

  • Add durability to the items, every time you use it (like weapons, or gettin damage from player or monsters) it will slowly worn until reach 0, then you cannot use the item(or you will not perceive their effects) until it’s repaired(Like Diablo2)

  • Allow us to buy a karma reset scroll for a huge amount of gold

  • Remove reset potion stats and only allow us to buy for gems, or instead for a big amount of gold

  • For every change class you wanna make you must pay 500k gold (in 0rb will be the same as now, after 1rb you must pay gold) I hate seeing a lot of players changing his class like nothing at rb 5+

  • Add a fee for entering(or leaving, or both) in a guild.

  • Decrease the gold reward from quests so the max you could get will be 20k(lvl 95-100 quests), in Discord there is the table that we discussed with new rewards.

  • Add a fee to every NPC (Reroll, upgrade, transfer enchantment, etc.)

  • Increase the amount of gold required to buy items from NPC (items, armor, weapons) and also the value of refilling potions

  • Increase rebirth to 1kk

  • Increase DS entry fee

  • Increase guild creation fee to 1kk

  • Increase teleport’s scroll value amount

  • Add taxes to every trade so if you trade something for 25k the “Laurum” will get a % fee from the transaction like real life (Side effect all items will increase their value)

  • If you make a gold drop for dying then you must allow the negative values because if I alt all my gold then I die 500 times, I will still be in 0 without losing nothing, so it will reach negative values (Yeah crazy)

  • Add arena fee, if someone dies the guy who killed you will win the fee minus a % of taxes to the Laurum world, ex. Paid 1k to enter, if I die I lost 1k and other players gets 750

  • Add a fee for every item you trade in normal trade system, so if I give you 6 items I must pay 1k per item I give you(For this you should first solve the alt thing issue allowing us to save lingots and jewels souls in our materials inventory so alt will dissapear)

  • Increase broker fee? (Ppl will stop use it maybe)

  • Allow buying gems with gold(huge quantity)

  • Allow us to transfer Level between objects using materials and a huge amount of gold, liek for example I have a 500 item, I got something better but lvl 1, so I can transfer the 500 lvl to my item using gold and materials(Maybe also with a penalty for a cheaper amount, like lossing 25% of the levels paying less). A “transfer item exp npc”

Notes: You can apply to every idea a Rebirth exponential fee, so at low RB most of things will be cheap and later on while you are rebirthing more and more every thing and price and fee will be more expensive…apply almost to all of them. So you don’t kill the noobs.

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charge more per lvl of devil’s square (a little exp would be nice) charge Gold to put jewelry on items,

Hi, do you know what caused the inflation at first hand alkanov? If you do, just revert it.
If you don’t want to take out something you work your ass off (we get it) then let’s find the solution together.
One “pro player” told me 3 days ago, and I quote;
I’m making easily 3 kk per day with the new quest update, it’s something never seen before.
Let’s hop into this, what did it change in-game to let this pro-player to make so much gold that easily and fast?
Quest rewards! Doing questing all day is making him able to contribute to the inflation, so why not to put a daily quest limit?
If you don’t want to make players play less, then, just lower the gold reward.
Add level 100 gear.
Adding sinks everywhere its plausible and a secure way to keep the currency value in a healthy point.( You got enough examples from those videos you posted ).
Inflation will always happen, it’s the nature of currencies and “markets”.
Extreme solutions can be executed, like for example; mobs drop 10 gold( every single mob).
Add another currency, but with a different objective, not just trade/buy.
For example; Black gold( It can only be used to buy “perks” or “buff pots” that you actually NEED or really WANT to have a pleasant Grind. You can and will need to trade Gold for Black gold everyday, in that way we can take out gold for sure.
Make a lottery system with a high fee to participate but randomize rewards, do not offer gold that easily to let gold dissapear.
Add a poker game, or a jackpot machine.
Put a price on things, because players are the guilty ones, for example; they all want to buy Jewels D super cheap, let’s take in consideration that jewels D is the material needed to keep improving gear on lategame, it should cost a LOT more as experienced players have much more possiblities to afford it. If nowadays Jewels A can be bought from 40k to 60k, then jewels B should cost 60k to 80k, Jewels C 80k to 100k and jewels D, 150k to 200k, try to add walls to the veteran players to de-inflate the enonomy.( As they are the ones making much more gold)
Or reset the server :male_detective:

Just charge more to access devil’s Square, charge to use the upgrade system, and slightly decrease the quest rewards a bit, but I think it’s good to increase the weekly quest.

Inflation didnt happen from one day to the other, there is no reason why a jewel A or even a D could cost above 5k gold. This is a process that has been getting worse and worse day after day, even 2x gold affect this.

We will have to think on something and implement it step by step

  • Increase reroll gold to 100%.
  • Add premium reroll ( 200% more gold as now) with exp/drop stats
    Bet everyone gonna use it.
    Atleast I’d spend few kk

P.S. this will probably also solve the difficulty to get items.