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suggestion for an update: by Vut

I have all the ideas worked out until 7 if you are interested there is no talking to me.

1°Remove drops from items with mod (enchanting), all items fell pure.

2° Create a npc that you can unlock the mods, with an awakening that will sell in the store for gens only.(Create a new gem that sells for USD money)

3°Add more enchantment available, there would be a list to see them and know what might fall.

4°Skin and pets could be sold in the trade to revolve the game economy, this would bring more profits to the game as more people would buy gems to sell skin for gold.

5°Add the chat while the player trades.

6°Add an xp pause because many players up afk and guild or parthy friends they do nothing, it gets in the way of who is playing there in the game.

7°Add a new option on the character so that other players can see their status> Damage> health and etc.

8° The game lost its grace after they removed the PvP from the n1 and n2 many players left because of that, a good idea is to put it back, the power abuse stopped but now people hinder the parthy bringing more people in another parthy to the same place, the fair thing is to be able to fight for the up and add the PvP in the n1 and n2

I think you are from those who killed everyone in the game before this update.

  1. There is 2 pvp servers, whats the problem for u to ferm there and fight for the place?
  2. Not everyone likes to fight. Some peoples playing this game just because to ferm mobs
  3. New players now have a chance to become stronger without worrying to be killed by pk.
  4. Many players left because they dont like some updates in 1.4.9 and they waiting for 1.5 (but this is just my opinion)

I’m not what they all kill.Many friends of mine stopped for that reason and without PvP yesterday at all services the game gets boring … The person can make fun of you and we can not do anything because it depends on him to go to serve PvP and often do not go, there are players who give ks and never enter serve pvp.

Poderia colocar o sistema de vender os itens que podem crafitar, pois daria pra vender todos os itens, pra galera fazer quest ou crafitar mapas. O jogo tem muito no que melhorar, isso vai acontecendo aos poucos, o mais preocupante hoje é o comercio do jogo.
O único tópico que eu concordo é o 5. Esse tópico 2 e 4 nada haver, parede que tu quer que o jogo fique p2w.

concordo com isso kkkk

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Mano, em relação ao fato dos caras virem da pk no seu up é só vc upar no serv3 ou hard. Eu faço isso, upo no serv3 e quando alguém vem me atrapalhar e é mais fraco do que eu, dou-lhe uma surra.

O servs 1 e 2 são para quem não está afim de pvp, se tirar isso o jogo vai virar uma porcaria pra quem está começando ou para quem quer sossego.

O certo seria o serv 3 dar um pouco mais de xp (uns 10% +/-) para atrair mais os players.