Game abandonment

The project is simply abandoned, and it is clear that the game administration is simply ignoring everything that happens in the game
@Alkanov He was a great Developer, but the lack of attitudes within the game will lead to the total failure of the project
I see that you are not interested in continuing the game
To avoid the fall of players, a new administration should be created, Mr. @Alkanov Should recruit new admins to do events and cheer up the crowd, fix bugs, help with unanswered questions, player doubts and support itself when something goes wrong in the game
My manifestation here is not a criticism against the game, but directly against the abandonment of the game
You as a creator should do something, or if possible answer about the future of the game @Alkanov
Because it doesn’t pay to invest time in an abandoned game!!!


The game is so beautiful to be like this as you said… But the reality need to be faced, and that is.

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