Future update ideas

Any chance we are getting life skills in any future updates and mounts.or new class or class ascension like wizards after reching 20 rebirths and 1000 int and 1000 mdef and 1000 wis van unlock a seceet quest by which they can ascend to another class like warmage or warlock or necromancer again introducing super skills like by breking a skill book such as meteor rain into a material and breaking i mean stashing 1000 meteo rain skill book and completing a quest where u use meteor rain 10000 times u get another material with which u can combine the 1000 meter rain skill book stashed and the material u get from the usage of meteor rain skill 10000 time u can make the super skill book Meteor Storm which would have all the effect of meteor rain but double damage and also will have the effect of lava barrier but it will have the range of meteor rain skill.Just giving a idea lol
I think the game has lots of potential just need gud advertizing and it has whooping 4.7 rating in playstore love to see the game getting more popular
And i wish the skill tree or something simmilar could be brought back as it gives more diversity in both pvp and pve
Btw i think for ascensionquest to be unlocked u have to have those stats i mentioned and also for unlocking the class u have to complete the quest u just unlocked for example if u want to be necromancer the quest u unlock can have this conditions like (1)Mastery over death die 10,000times (As necromancer are related to deaths as u die u get to know death better)
(2)Kill all undead type enemies like skeletons For example u have to kill (1)10000 ice skeletons
(2)10000ice lich
(3)10000 fire skeletons
fire lich this may also have a time limit for making it more hard
This are for the players who have nothing else to do in the game as they are maxed out stats so that they have something to do…