FPS drops playing on celhpone

Hi, i´ve been playing for about a week and i noticed that no matter which celphone i use to play Laurum it gets fps drop after 30-40 minutes playing until game crashes (game freezes and account loges out), unlike pc version. Maybe an option to desactivate other´s abilities could help with this (fps drops faster when in party with wizards and more people spamming skills), i also asked my guildmates about this and is not just me.

Also as a plus i would recommend to make skill hot-keys “free” for player choice, lemme explain. the hot-key system strictly discriminate main skills and secondary skills, and i would really like to use my own configuration combining main and secondary skills in the same skill-page, for example, desecration (main paladin skill) and debuff (secondary skill).

thank u on advance.

PS: congratulations with the game, u created a masterpiece <3

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