Final Tier items

This may be one and the most important part of the endgame content in this game.

A simple weapon alone need (only the important parts):

  • 1 legendary kill coin (craftable or boss drop)
  • 2 Infused weapon parts (salvage a +500 lvl 90 item)
  • 5 Very Complicated Instructions (Quest)
  • 10 Soul Stones (Quest)
  • 12 Magical Scriptures (Quest)
  • 750000 Gold
  • Ect.

If we look in detail, more experienced player will recomment, that only the Soul Stones quest and Magical Scriptures quest is a factor. Everything else you get with just a bit time investment and gold.

Soul Stones you get by a grind quest and here the factor how fast you are is mostly set by drop chance of sharp fangs (Rhyntia - East). The quest says soul stones are rare and yes they are… 1% drop chance and 250 pieces just of them and other mats you need to collect. If you would really get 1 piece for every 100th mob kill, then you need just to kill 25000 mobs… but chances dont work like that and so you can be happy to just need to kill 25k mobs… this quest need much time and grind…

Magical Scriptures is the most expensive quest in game, what simply cant be done without help from other player… You need to salvage a bunch of upgraded items and salvage enchanted items, what can be done by yourself with a bit time of farming or also buying of enchantments.
On top of that AND thats what i mean can simply not only be done by yourself as long as you would farm 24/07… you need to salvage 180 corr. enchant items. You never have a chance to get as more of these parts, if salvage these items, so you allways need 180 pieces. We have as more player, who really try to get final tier items and less active players and so the price went from 20000 gold per item to allready 40000 gold per item. I really think, thats not the end of this process…
Just with completing 1x Magical Scriptures you need 7,2kk minimum to invest allready AND for just 1 weapon we need this quest 12 times… so an incredible amount of 86,4kk gold ALLREADY.

And then if completing all these stuff just 1x you are unable to choose what type of set you get… its random and you would need all 8 pieces of the same set (exclude pots, accessoires and training stone) to get a set bonus you want… coming together its very unattractive and so many player after reaching lvl 300 simple stop playing, cause this full set is unreachable… i mean there is a player, who was able to collect a crazy amount lf 4 pieces with same set… he is working for that 24/07 since a year… maybe with 2 years more and much luck he can finish his set, but maybe not cause of randomfactor…

So @Alkanov i really hope you read that and want to update the game. Make it pls much easier to finish. The drop chance of sharp fangs should be increased and the need of corr. items to salvage should give a chance to get as more pieces and also that the amount of corr. you need is just 1/4 like it is now… maybe just 40 would be a number what is doable for everyone. At least a player should be able to choose what settype he get… alone the random factor of getting chest, head, gloves, pants, shoes or a belt is tricky enough…
I hope other player see this similar and agree with that… i really hope that the player, who will say “its unfair, cause we all worked with old system” will think about it and also see the benefits of a change here instead of the fairness to them… Else i really dont know why we all should try to get final tier items, when the game will be dead in years, before just 1 player can really say i finished my full final tier set :sunglasses::v:


agree… this is insane…

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I agree, this set is very difficult, almost impossible to get, we need a tweak to get this set more easily.


These pieces are really insane considering the game has been dead since the last update when we learned the fate of LV300 players. It needs a balance in crafting and I totally agree with Dehei! @Alkanov


I agree the end game item requirements need a review in particular corrupt enchant items.

I think the drop rate and number of fangs currently required are fine, it shouldn’t be too easy.

The drop rate of corrupted enchants needs to be increased significantly, current rates are discouraging and doesn’t support a sustainable player base after reaching 300. It is just too low.

For the set items perhaps the creation of a roll stone - made using mats that currently don’t have a purpose like bloody rib cages- would help. Once crafted it can be used to reroll the end game item type to one of the other three.

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Only valakk is crazy to get it hahaha

I fully agree!!!
It’s absurdly difficult to complete a lvl100 set