Few suggestions

Before reading: Some of the suggestions below may already exist however this was my opnion on how they can be implemented, also, my English isn’t perfect. Feel free to give your opnion about the suggestions, thank you.

  • Karma:

Delay for using a karma or any kind of potion after receiving a negative karma, some people attack or kill and one second later use a neutral or positive karma potion to avoid death penalty, wich makes the whole karma system useless. (1 hour would be fine; Counting offline time also.)

If you turn on pk, and attack someone then turn it off, you become neutral for some reason, you should get negative karma for attacking neutral/hero, (Anything around -20 should work) that way you would avoid such situations.

  • Quests:

Cut in half the necessary quantity of materials from all quests (Or at least decrease), all quests that require x material from mobs are ridiculous, it’s more worth way 1 hour to get the killing only one.

Increase the level range of the zombies quests, many don’t know that it even exists.

Increase the yoga’s quest xp, so you actually make people want to stay online.

Premium gems crate for the last quest of the game with the silver ticket.

  • Xp:

50% bonus xp for 24 hours after creating account(Offline time counts), this would attract new players and help the game grow.

Xp board on the wiki would be nice.

Half the xp given at DS(It’s OP.)

Increase 10 lvls of the max range before nulling the exp from mobs.

1% extra exp or drop chance for the whole party per party member nearby, will encourage players to use more parties even if they can solo, high rb people sometimes ruin your grind.

  • Other:

Helper system, this is more common in games with a big community, however we could try since we don’t have a proper tutorial system or anything alike, the most common thing on chat from new players are questions about where is arena/bank, class x build or how to leave arena, one of the first quests of the game and the players have difficult on doing it, it may cause embarrasment and make people rage and quit without actually playing the game. A few titles of helper to players that are noticed for helping a lot on the chat with a small symbolic reward like 10k gold per week would be fine, or even without a reward, most do it for free.

Bigger DS map, with more space between mobs spawn (Without this only wizards with AoE skills will be benefited from it, while low rbs will never stand a chance.)

Easier way to find the pc version to download. (Spend 10 minutes to find the link in a random forum page, there are people using emulators…)

Clock, so we can know what time is it also track when a quest will be available (More for pc version.)

The gold dropped by a pk goes to who killed instead of anyone being able to get. (Just like an item that goes to higher damage)

Premium gems crate untradeable. (Premium currency shouldn’t be soo easy to get, we already have rbs giving a lot of it.)

"You can rebirth!" warning after achieving level 150.

Food system that gives stactic bonuses(I’ve seen a % suggestion, that would make RB players more OP.), so players that store materials could use them. Keeping it slow (+20 stat) could make it fun, with 1 hour cooldown per use would be cool.

Cities priests restore your hp and mana when interacted with.

Possibility of changing pet sprite using gold.

  • Guild:

Make it possible to see youself on it, would be easier to track from filters.
Online filter use last seen. (Makes sense)
Change guild name/tag option (25-50k gold would work).
Guild bank, only officers can remove items while anyone can add.(This would be nice to store 1-90 items when personal bank is full while sharing with members when they need. Could also work just like a shared personal bank.)

  • Few bug reports:

I use a Linux machine and play using wine, it works perfectly, the only issue I have is that if I tab out (Shit+tab) when I return to the game it freezes and I have to force close it, however it keeps active as I noticed from online time’s quests. Also, the leaderboard doesn’t work. (Fine for me at least.)

Sometimes the mobs simple get stuck on an edge of a map’s object, so ranged classes can kill it without ever getting damaged.

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Karma potions is not free. Just let players waste all of them and problem is gone.
Quests is perfectly balanced. Increase range for some quests - maybe.
Yoga quest ex: 30min online time. Doesent matter if you die. Calculate to 20% of lvl. Im not wasting time and nerves for yoga right now, cuz its giving too low ammount of exp.
Bonus exp for beginners is ON… just think how players with 10rb+ feel.
Party system. 1% is nothing… ex: i wont accept pt for 1%. But idea is good.
DS is DS actually almost same as it was in MU online.
Im using emulator if its possible to run as client post it please.
Ye clock is good for quest tracking. It shodnt take a lot time to make it.
Premium gems create, i think they should be tradeable.
Warning about rebirth… have to be something, some ppl dont know that RB exists here.
Food/potion system (Yes) but have to be balanced to be useful and not OP. Some basic food without grades.
Mana/Hp regen is good.
Skins - gems.

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Found it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/laurumonline/comments/ab2ex9/there_is_no_windows_client/
On second answer.

Edit: The link is also on discord.

Maybe a good idea would be when we teleport… That other players can teleport with me… Some players don’t have pets or can’t get scrolls… I reckon I’ll be cool… Maybe 2 or more at a time… They stand next to me… And come with… And being slow to teleport it’ll give them time to come to me… Especially when we pt… We all go together… Just a suggestion…


Win download: https://laurum.online/dl/windows/

No, this is good.
You are new to game, you need to kil a lot of monster do get equips and lv up.
And, you have 10+ resets, you will kill fast and easy the mobs to get material.

In this we can see, there is balance, if you do not agree, will you agree to a quest that only has to pick 5x materials and win type, 2k gold and 1k exp? this at level 60? You certainly won’t agree, and how it is now is perfectly perfect.

yes, its good

Ds is good map, and the balance will comming, no more 1 AOE wizz to kil all mobs.

ALK will work on Website remaster, but, not now.

Yes, gold and loot. He need to fix it fast.

YES, PLEASE ADD THIS, Two out of every three newbies are at a level higher than 150, and I keep stopping my farm to explain about the RB system.

This is a bug of Wine, he is not 100% optimal to all games.

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There is a lot of ideas/opinions on this post that was discussed for 2 years and most of them wasnt implementet on purpose.

For exemple, increase the lvl dif of player and mob to 30 to get exp. An idea we had on other times was that every RB would increase the difference in 1 lvl (a 10 RB could get exp from mob 30 lvl higher).

At the end of the discussion remain the thought that the more lvl diff you have to get exp, the easiest is for some player exploit exp…

Anyway, all these ideas is some kind of QoL improvment and we really need new content now cause there is more than 6 months that we dont have one.

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Don’t 4get that maybe one day… That when we upgrade equipment… Is it possible… Instead of one jwl… Maybe 3 or 4 at a time… It’ll save time… Just say… I have 4 jwls… Upgrade use them 4 jlws… What ever in back pack of same kind… But don’t go over limit… And also… Observer Bridge… Maybe have 2 guards at bottom… U know they observe everything… Especially new players… Thinking wtf is that… Haha… Instant kill… Because sometimes we w8 at bottom of bridge… Pt wise… I get up to get a drink or whatever… Come back… Dead… Just asking…

Should be a neck or ring for each selection of player… I mean drop wise… We already have class drops… Sometimes I see phy and normally attack rings… Y… I’m wizard… Look I’m not running this game… Down… Fk know…ill play this 4ever… Just saying… Its not just us… The whole world plays this game… Just trying 2make players play this…

Please stop this formatting madness

And plz consider the teleport… It’ll be cool… Ice party… All let’s go… In one go… Come on it’ll be cool… Meaning we all go together whomever stands with me…

I like your ideas, but do we need them?
Do we need 1% exp/Player in Party?
Do we need cut materials in half from quests, even if you already finish quest in 5-10min and then you need to wait 1h.
Do we need new karma penalties?
Do we need bigger ds map, when you cant actually aoe all of them if you dont wait the mobs to come to you?
Is it worth all those hours to code?

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Up the chance to find skills. It’s very difficult to find skills. Made party quest. up the magical defence of hunter

Drop rate chances will broken the economy of server.
Yes, much skills are rare, its a MMORPG, its time to farm.
80% of all quests can be finished on party.
Why up the Mdef of hunter? You can find on forum, the next release of update. Read the post to see more.

I want the devils square use matchmaking. To make a great team and do team vs team.

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to arrange quests, it is immensely tedious to collect 15 or 25 items that drop every 1 mobs, or place quests just to kill or do some map action or increase quest item drop rate.