Feedback poll: PvP, Karma and Penalties... Let us know your opinion

Hello community!

As everybody knows we have new PvP servers(Hard and Nightmare) without any PvP penalties or Karma system. So normal server is right now with normal karma system, you can still pk in there but at some cost.

So here is the thing, we made PvP to keep both worlds happy(some people love PvP while others hate PvP).

So if this system works well we could delete all the karma and penalties system and just have the normal world without any system at all related to PvP and be 100% safe to help newcomers.
On the other hand since we got 2 normal servers(and maybe in the future more of them) we could have just 1 of them with karma and penalties and the other just without PvP at all.
The third option could be to only have PvP through guilds every 1 hour with the current GvG free karma PvP system.

This is statistics doesn’t mean we going to do something related soon.

Thanks for your input.

  • Keep normal servers as now, don’t touch anything
  • Have only one normal server without any PvP at all and the others with current Karma PvP
  • Put all normal servers with just GvG every 1 hour and disable the normal PvP
  • I would love if you remove all PvP from normal servers, I like playing in peace

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I don’t knoow, but maybe a server, where new ppl would start without any interruptions would be great for them to stay in game for longer, welp, negative emotions don’t affect us in good way.

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I also heard from some people that they like pvp, but they like rewards for it, and the only actual way to be reward is with karma Points and Just drops with a very negative karma player.
So i was think About something like a bounty system, and that could work also for something like revenge.

Like, there is a guy pretty annoying and Strong for you, that are killing you in 2 hits because your low.
You could add a bounty between 10k - 200k by example, and other players could use a command to get a Randon player who has a bounty in their head.

If the bounty gets killed, the player with the most damage (in case of 2 or 3x1) Will receive the money.

But offcourse, that will have restrictions like, a player who has a bounty and died, can’t be put on bounty again for 20 minutes, or things like can’t be able tô put bounty on players with less that 2 rb, or you cant get more than 1 bounty contract in less than that same time by example.

I think that would be fun in some ways, since it would give more interactions like that, and a little bit of rewards.


What if we implement real heroes vs villains in PvP servers. Karma will still increase/decrease, if red name player killed blue name player the blue name might drop gold or items vice-versa (depends on karma difference) green name are neutral no penalties and make normal server peaceful. We need to make player killing double edged sword for red name players and add karma shop NPC or make the guard a karma shop to add benefits to blue name players.


I think an open world GvG is pointless, the guild war place should be on a separate map. If the guild wants war, it registers with an NPC and looks for another guild to fight. The way the GvG is hurting everyone, especially those who are beginners and those who do not have a guild. It makes no sense to fight for a territory as there is nothing to conquer.

Let’s talk about the servers:

The two normal servers should have PvP = OFF, due to the launch of the HARD servers, those who are strong will become much stronger, and when they switch to the normal server, they will end up killing everyone and those who are new to it will end up not being able to play and become unmotivated.

–normal server PVP OFF already.

About HARD and Nightmare servers:

I liked it!
Very cool, fun and challenging!

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