Experience needed for each rebirth


Is there a similar table for stat training at intervals of every hundred levels or so?

Can we also get a table for the stats math of every classes :eyes:

Please go to our wiki and you’ll find the stats of every class. Then do your own maths

only this

This really nice! I’m sure it’ll be helpful for most us :slight_smile:

What is the maximum game level? 150,250,300 …? Can someone tell me?

Max level is 150
Max rebirth 25
Max stat training 2000


There are players over 200. I have already seen one in lvl 336. Is it a bug?

I don’t know what the maximum level is, but I know it is difficult to go above level 150. I reached 152

Has this table been updated or modified? I have 15 rbs and on my character sheet (from the player search) it says that I have 16,020,404 Exp. As I have 15rbs the right thing would not be +/- 200,000,000 Exp?

My table is correct. Exp from playersearch resets each rebirth. It shows the exp you made on your current rebirth.