Exp od lower than 1,5%?

Hi Admin, Boys and Girls
Me and my friends was play today and we figure is something wrong with exp. We can see we getting lower exp from mobs, for ex. From obs i was get 6oo and today 5oo. Meybe Im wrong if yes sorry but if not why u didnt tell US ??

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Permanent exp bonus? Something went wrong…

Yeah there seems to be something wrong, now as lvl 30 i get 480 exp(with 30% exp bonus).
Before perm 1.5x exp I was getting like 700.


I confirm. Exp is like 0.75x now. Nothing we can do atm but to wait for devs to get on.

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i thought that 1.5x exp bonus is just for newbies with 0 rebirth for example (they mentioned “at the beginning”)

Hi guys the exp 1.5x will come back in next patch sorry, we had a bug.
For now we will keep with just 1.2x exp until next release
Sorry for the inconvenience.