Events for player morale in a time of lockdowns and quarantines

As lockdown and quarantines spread across Europe (with my country included – all “non-essential” travel banned, most companies working from home, no bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, no meeting in public, etc etc), wouldn’t it be great if we could get some events for all the extra time we’ll have at home and those quarantined or self-isolating?

I know we have the re-roll thing ongoing, but let’s make this a 2-3 week event and add in some extra exp, gold, quest exp, or whatever. Peoples’ spirits are low. Why not give them something extra to at least semi-look forward to in these shitty times?

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PS Please don’t suggest any “Corona boss” or throw out anymore stupid, insensitive jokes. Your country might not be experiencing a lockdown yet, but you’ll likely see it soon enough or at least know people who are hardcore affected by this… #keep it civil

Good idea, +1
x1.5 Exp
x1.5 Hp/Mp event

Man, this forum is dead af… :confused: Would think everybody was on quarantine or something…