Error and unreachable servers

How long is that ddos process long? So we can play again the game i miss to play my character , its been almost 2 days i still cant play the game ;(

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Seems like only u, we are playing normaly. Try using vpn. Or maybe u got banned jajaja

Yea , what kind of vpn i will used

i have the same problem on my tablet, i can open the account on my phone but server is unreachable on tablet

So meaning only tablet users cant play … sad plss fixed on tablet gms

This is a DNS issue, please change your DNS to

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Im using sumsung tablet is has no sim , im using pldt wifi

How can i change tablet DNS ? IT has no sim im using wifi only im using sumsung tablet.

Hi, you can use this short tutorial:

Is that correct gm?


Yes that looks correct

still not working for me tho

Hi, just checking to see if you managed to get this working or not. Thanks :slight_smile:

Finally after a long time i can play again, ive been kick in ann guild because of unreachable servers but its ok now its fixed thankyou alkanov

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