Enchantment done wrong

I need help from any admin. I’m a very active account that bought a few gems and even got friends to play the game. Although right now I was trying to put a mythical lazuli into my training stone 106+ and accidently I did the inverse I placed the normal lazuli into a normal shield meaning I lost my most precious item 106+ into a common shield.

Player name Jusho. Happened at 19:30

This occurs frequently enough. Are there any suggestions on how this mistake can be avoided? Aside from the obvious, “pay attention to what you are doing”

Yes. A system that if you’re placing a item with a higher quality to enchant a lower quality one you’d get a notification just like when you try to sell an item. That would help a lot. Or maybe even making impossible to use a jade from a rare item on a common item (don’t see a reason why someone would willingly use a jade from a rare item into a normal/common item)

Hi, ill check this today and get back to you if I find logs of the enchantment


I have recovered and sent your item to your bank. Please check this ASAP and reply to this post so I can close the topic.