Dungeons(Final resolution)(From previous post)

Hearing everything I believe this is the key.

Everyone starts at level 1 and they progress, finding gear and other items (Level caps at 30). Every 5th level up produces a random buff pertaining to the player’s class. For example, wizard gets extra dmg on undead foes. For every 10th, there is a reward. Gold and exp on actual player’s character, a chance of there being an item decreases the higher your actual character level is, and some independent drops like random potions(in the future), Jewels and/or jewel fragments, skills(extremely rare). At 30lvl, you need three material drops in order to start over. A red, blue, and green orb that drops from miniboss rooms scattered throughout the dungeon. When you obtain them, you craft a totem that, when used, reverts you back to lvl 1. You can’t grind them, you can only obtain one of each and you can only craft them at lv30

Every time you die in the dungeon, you lose a level(dungeon avatar) and respawn at last checkpoint. Also, when you exit, and come back later, you start at your last check point.

Everyone keeps their stats when going into the dungeon. It’s just ratio’d so that lvl1-150 is squeezed to lvl 1-30.(Its possible we need level groups. 1-30-60-90-120-150)They don’t, however, bring their gear(except for skins and skill books)

Also, let’s scrap the key idea and use gold reqs.

Tell me what you think!

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that sounds like a cool idea… but also sounds like a coding nightmare >.>

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Oh definitely. First, I don’t know but creating a separate avatar might be tough on its own. Then theres the new interface and new leveling system that Caps at 30, Then, create a function that scales down all stats. The random loot generator, the extra buffs, rewards on getting levels, preventing players from escaping with the avatar(similar to arena teleports), all while managing lag.