Dungeons and Dungeon Keys(Idea)

New content: 5 Dungeons for certain level groups. You only enter with your gear and current potion equips. If you complete the dungeon, you get gold, random gear, possible prizes like upgrade jewels, corrupted, mythical enchants in your level, a lot of material in that level group, and 2, 4 level ups

If you die, you lose all the stuff you gained in the dungeon and you lost a key so…

You have to craft a dungeon key. The crafting cost is 20k-50k, 75k-100k, 150k-300k, 450k-600k, and 800k to 1kk(these seem too low). There are five different keys. You need a lot of material. If you are a party leader, the people in your party that’s with you get to go it as well. But you get most of the gold. Also, probably make sure the keys are premium items???

Tell me what you think?


I like the idea of crafting a key and going with a party to a dungeon, something like the devil square but just a super hard dungeon with better exp drops and other things, also there could happen guild wars because if two guilds are doing the same dungeon you must fight with the other guild :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice idea, you have my +1 , at the end you could have like 5 bosses together and fight all of them. Paladin will be very important in this dungeon.


Hey Jud. That would be amazing. Maybe replacing DS for that new dungeon systems. DS is so unpopulated atm… It’s only crowded during double xp events. So yeah, totally agree with you, would be amazing :smiley:
Few questions :
1- why only in guilds? Take in consideration that that wouldn’t be good because you only have 3/4 active guilds and new players won’t take the chance to participate. I would suggest to have special days of the week where GvG is active when dungeoning.

1.1- the idea would be interesting if the dungeon could be doable by solo, duos, trios and so on. Just like, the more people you have in party, the hardest it would be, but always have in mind to make it more profitable with more people.


I like the idea, but I think I actually love the “replacing DS” part.

DS has been such a burden and problem generator that if we can remove it and add literally anything else I would be happy with it.

Now, back to the original idea, only from reading we would have to do quite a lot to allow this:

  • “If you complete the dungeon…” does this mean there is an actual final and not just a grinding area? It means it also have to be timed so it can reset and repopulate spawns? If yes, then this is a DS, nothing different but even if there isn’t, there is so much to be done just to please this rule. What if you join the dungeon right when it has been cleared all the way to the end and snipe the boss??
  • If the cost to enter is this high, then why would you join it? After all you can get everything from the normal grinding areas too right? DS is only 5k to enter, no exp loss, no item drop, difficulty nerfed a couple of times already, no key to enter, higher drop chance, higher gold drop, higher exp gain… and people don’t use it because…? i’m not even sure why not, maybe the waiting time?

I think the main problem is the fact that we don’t really have a “super rare” item. Nothing worth putting a team of even 3 players together, gear up, gather materials, pay the entrance, risk your time inside the dungeon… etc.


Maybe one great thing on dungeon could be fragments of failsafe jewels. 20, 40, 80, 200 (a, b, c and d respectively).

To be different, it could be with stages, and no one gets the drops. The drops goes to a “chamber” and in the final they show up on the floor randomly so then everyone have the same chance to get it… To make it great for teams, it could have checkpoints, when a player dies, everyone goes back to that stage again and if a player dies more than 3 times, is automatically out of dungeon.

(I’m literally imagining a dungeon, where u walk in caves and have paths with no exit and paths with exits. It would be awesome if the dungeon map could be big enough to “lost the team and they have to wait for me”


Ok, I’ve figured it out. Scrap the Key idea and just use a 30minute cooldown.

Everyone starts at level one. You’re in a large expanse of diversified land (grass, forest, sand, mountain)

Hearing everything, Everyone starts at level 1 and they progress, finding gear and other items (Level caps at 30). Every 5th level up produces a random buff pertaining to the player’s class. For example, wizard gets extra dmg on undead foes. For every 10th, there is a reward. Gold and exp on actual player’s character, a chance of there being an item decreases the higher your actual character level is, and some independent drops like random potions(in the future), Jewels and/or jewel fragments, skills(extremely rare). At 30lvl, you need three material drops in order to start over. A red, blue, and green orb that drops from miniboss rooms scattered throughout the dungeon. When you obtain them, you craft a totem that, when used, reverts you back to lvl 1. You can’t grind them, you can only obtain one of each and you can only craft them at lv30

Every time you die in the dungeon, you lose a level(dungeon avatar) and respawn at last checkpoint. Also, when you exit, and come back later, you start at your last check point.

Everyone keeps their stats when going into the dungeon. It’s just ratio’d so that lvl1-150 is squeezed to lvl 1-30.(Its possible we need level groups. 1-30-60-90-120-150)They don’t, however, bring their gear(except for skins and skill books)

Also, let’s scrap the key idea and use gold reqs.

This doesn’t fix the instancing issues that can cause lag for everyone. I’d rather see new map areas than something like this and this is going to take some time to rework the way maps are drawn now.

An idea that might work is a boss that isn’t affected by attacks unless you have a special buff. A potion could be crafted that buffs the player when used. When Alk is able to add a new area, he might be able to setup a boss (or two) to roam through the normal spawn. The incentive to kill him could be a combination of normal boss loot and clearing him from the zone which will likely provide better XP per mob kill

That would be great to complete the parts of the game that are with the cards coming soon.

This could be new areas, completing the areas with the board soon.

Completar as partes com a placa de em breve com isso já daria um Avicii no jogo