Ds tips by pro for all classes

Would the pro’s of laurum online like to share ds builds for all classes?

Most of guys use exp set + hp,mp/kill + gypsium enchantments. Also you need your pants and armor to +500 if you wanna solo it.
Depends on your class, if you are a warrior you dont even need lots of train to complete. Same with wizard and pal, with 100% int and maybe 50% mdef train you should solo all of ds till 120-130.

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Tyvm sir and what would you reccomend skill for team pally and solo pally

I think @Gaby knows better

Lol xD
well for solo pala
Burn Shield
Consecration Self Heal
Def banner
Mdef banner
Last protection

for party pala
burn shield
heal banner
self heal

mdef banner
def banner
last protection/linked hearts

well you can use solo pala even in party…
if ur not doing dmg just try to buff and heal your teammates
if you re tanky enough use linked hearts sometimes, u i recommend you to have over 4k hp to use it
if nah u can die so easily


Thank you sir Gaby and sir ezra

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