Drop and gold balancing

@MadeBySaints @Alkanov @Zelp
In the current state of the game, strong players are dropping items exclusive to the recent 1.5.1 update. But the items are being sold very cheaply, because these items are exclusive and new … coveted by all players … and this is a problem, as the other items end up losing value. Players who are still starting are unable to sell these other items due to drops of these rare items. So, I have some suggestions that can contribute to this problematic and gold crisis in the game:

  • increase the price of items sold at NPCs (example: item lv1 is 4 gold selling at any NPC, but it could be 10 gold);
  • increase the volume of the dropped gold and the drop rate (mainly in the big bosses, the drop is very little gold), because in addition to the economic crisis that is in the game, we also have to fight for a mission that needs to drop 2kk of gold ? Then…
    I hope these suggestions contribute to the growth of the game!