Doubt about rebirth

When I am reborn do I earn just 10 more points in the status or do I get some kind of bonus?

I am asking this because I heard that each Rb increases its status by 4%, that is, in the 25th rb you will have a 100% increase in status. That’s right?

If so, how does it work? For example, my paladin gains 2.8 INT Damage for each point in INT, if I am in 25th rb will I gain 5.6 INT Damage for each point in INT?

I’m confused, can someone explain to me?

I heard that there would be an equipment upgrade, a new set. It is true? If so, when will it be?

About rebirth system, it says:
“The 4% bonus is applied to all your LP, RP and Trained stats, but not to the mods that come from your gear. The max rebirth that the game allows is 25.
At rebirth 25 you will get 100% bonus to all your stats (2 times). And you will get 250 rebirth points to assign.”

Can someone explain the bonus applied to LP, how does it work?

As I asked earlier, if for each point in INT I gain 2.8 damage, when I am in the 25th RB I will gain 5.6 damage? (2.8 according to the class status scheme I saw, I am a paladin)

Character example:
Class Paladin
RB 25
Level 100
Int Training Level 1000(200 stats)

(((LP + RP) + (trainingLVL / 5f)) * (RB * 0.04f + 1f))

(((100 + 250) + (1000 / 5)) * (25 * 0.04 + 1)) = 1100 int

1100 int x 2.8 damage = 3080 int damage

You gain 2.8 int damage per int point. Not 5.6 damage per int point.