Disappointing update

I am deeply disappointed with this update, waiting so long for the lvl 100 set and when it appears it is practically impossible to get it. Even after the change made by Alkanov, seeking to reduce the amount of drop, it still needs a lot of time, even more killing low-level mobs, further delaying its evolution in the game (training). Just to get an idea, to get the 10 Protected Leather (last hunter material) you need 67,200 Ancient Leather (first item of the hunter). That is, you have to get many items from level 40 to extract the Ancient Leahter from them. Imagine how many items you need to drop to get 67,200 LA. Surreal. Not to mention that you still have other materials just by completing quests you can get them. Missions that, by the way, are very difficult. And at the end of it all you get a random item …

So, your idea was to deceive us? The new set is there, but only in a few months, perhaps, you will be able to get it.

Alkanov, please think of a better way to get this set, why make it SO HARD?

Another thing, the materials could drop straight from the mobs, without having to remove them from the items … it’s just one more thing to lose time (salvage) and the money from the sale of these items


I think the difficulty in making the lv100 set is acceptable, as it is the “final set”, the only possible bias would be if the difference between it and the lv90 was minimal, which I hope does not occur, causing a great job for a result that can be disregarded. Anyway, I believe in Alk and this update, and I’m still looking forward to making this new set, now I’m waiting to see what happens.

The difficulty of killing the new Boss of the caves is exaggeratedly difficult and imagine that a user already has the new pet, which is not rare! There is a lot of information that new people do not know. To create the lvl 100 items they ask exaggeratedly too many materials, and I want to know what is the way to get the new pets. @Zadoc @COISAS_DO_MUNDO @Alkanov

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“Acceptable”?! Did you understand what I posted above about the amount of items you need to drop? I even think that I need to craft the boxes, but it needs to be SO DIFFICULT ?!

New pet or did you mean set? If it is a set, I can imagine who already has it … leader of the PUG, who by the way is also adm of the game

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Well the bosses do drop mats so maybe explore more how ever these bosses are extremely hard as designed. You all should consider trying at different levels instead of trying to stay 100 :slight_smile: