Developement Ideas


Main Skills

  • Shield Stun (Needs Work) - Less than normal damage, 50% chance to stun
  • On your knees (Needs Work) -70% chance to stun a target below 50% health
  • Provoke (Needs Work) - Low damage 90% chance to pull aggro
  • Dismember (Great Ability) - Does damage and disarms for 4 seconds.
  • Bleed (Great Ability) - Target bleeds for 6 seconds.
  • Execution (Great Ability) - Always Crits below percentage of health.
  • Whirlwind (Great Ability) - Close range AOE.

Secondary Skills

  • Slow Down (Great SKill) - Infinite range, slows target for 3 seconds.
  • Armor Crusher (Needs Work) - 90% Chance to add a debuff reducing def.
  • Soul Craving (Needs Work) - Damage. If target is stunned heal percentage of dmg done.
  • Charge (Great Ability) - Buffs walking speed for 5 seconds
  • Battle Shout (Great Ability) - Buffs MAximum health for 15 seconds
  • Shields up (Mediocre) - Blocks next physical attack
  • Arrow Deflect (Needs Work) - Ranged Physical attacks hits percentage less.
  • Ultimate Defense (Needs Work) - Increase defense. 50% chance of slowed.

Let’s talk about these skills. First there is consistency. If it works, then it needs to work 100% of the time. When you say that there is a % chance that the ability won’t perform a certain ability, then it shouldn’t have the ability at all. An ability needs to guarantee that you get what you pay for. For shield stun, give them the stun without a chance of fail. They have two stun abilities that could potentially fail. And they have an ability that works only when the target is stunned. It is like saying, ‘well there a 50-50 chance that you won’t be able to use this ability’. Not to mention that it is the warriors only heal ability. To have an ability with a percent chance throws all consistency out the window. Look at other great MMOs. Take WoW, the warriors stun ability. You use it at exactly the right moment or you’re screwed, and if it fails then why use it as part of your arsenal.

Now let’s talk about the skill ‘on your knees’. The warrior has 2 stun abilities. They are both close range. That’s not going to do well against a hunter or wizard in pvp. Take the percent chance away from it and make it range, let’s say a sort of axe throwing stun with unlimited range.

Provoke. If you’re going to pull aggro, then pull the aggro. Don’t let a percent chance ruin a great skill for a tank. If the tank can’t do his job then we don’t need him.

Armor crusher and ultimate defense are great abilities. Again, take away the percentage chance and give them what they want the ability for. For ultimate defense, give them a small heal over time effect, because his only healing ability is wishy washy on whether it wants to give or not. Shields up is another good ability, but it only works on physical damage? Not very good against a wizard then. Also make it a 3 second protection rather than a one shot protection. I think the warrior deserves that. Now the ranged physical attacks. Again mage is out. Now it only works on hunters because the npcs use range as magic attack. Take out the physical and give them a ranged damage reduction. Last, soul craving. The warrior already has a problem stunning things, so this ability will only work 50 - 70 percent of the time.


Main Skills

  • Self Heal (Great Ability) - Heal yourself over 8 seconds.
  • Resurrection (Great Ability) - Revive all nearby players.
  • Heal Banner (Mediocre) - Deploy A Banner. Heal nearby party members.
  • Burn Shield (Needs Work) - Buffs party members for 12 seconds. Burn will be applied to those who attack them. Buff will be removed once burn is applied or expired.
  • Linked Hearts (Great Ability) - Applied buff to close party. Percentage of damage they receive is done to you instead.
  • Final Protection (Great Ability) - Increases dodge chance of nearby players. You become immortal and stunned for 8 seconds.
  • Consecration (Great Ability) - Close Range AOE Damage.

Secondary Skills

  • Holy Light (Great Ability) - Single target damage.
  • Speed Banner (Mediocre) - Deploy A Banner. Increase movement speed.
  • Cleanse (Great Ability) - Removes 2 debuffs from nearby players.
  • Mana Banner (Mediocre) - Deploy A Banner. Replenish mana every second.
  • Physical Protection Barrier (Mediocre) - Deploy A Banner. Increase Physical Defense of party members.
  • Magic Protection Banner (Mediocre) - Deploy A Banner. Increase Magic Resistance of party members.
  • Silence (Needs Work) - 80% Chance to silence target. Infinite range.
  • Buff Remover (Needs Work) - 70% Chance. Remove all target buffs.

The paladin is, overall, the strongest of the four classes, being able to solo the bosses at end game, but it still needs work to bring a mediocre character to an amazing character.This character has less abilities that rely on chance, which is why he is better than the rest, but the abilities that have a percent chance, take the percentage out and give them the ability. A silence NEEDS to silence. A buff remover NEEDS to do its job. Most of my problems with this character is the banners. They are great, but could be better. I personally play the paladin and when I use the banners, my party runs away from them to make the consistency run all over the place. Instead of a banner, give the party a buff that lasts the same amount of time whether they stay in one spot or not. Remove the ‘camping’ aspect of the banners. The burn shield, this is a great ability to do tons of AOE damage. Since the pally doesn’t have a stun he should make up for it in this area. The burn shield should be applied for the entire duration and everytime the paladin gets hit the target should get burned. The burn should not go away on the first attacking target. That is a waste of a great ability. Overall, though, the pally is looking good.


Primary Skills

  • Snipe (Great Ability) - Single target shot.
  • Hamstring Shot (Needs Work) - Low damage. 60% chance of slowing target.
  • Poison Arrow (Needs Work) - Damage. 80% Chance to apply poison.
  • Hunters Ritual (Redundant) - AOE buff. Increase movement speed.
  • Steady Shot (Great Ability) - Long casting high damage shot.
  • Camouflage (Great Ability) - Become invisible for 5 seconds or until you attack or cast spell.
  • Hawkeye (Great Ability) - Increase crit chance for 10 seconds.

Secondary Skills

  • Booby Trap (Needs Work) - Deploy a trap that applies burn to all enemies around. 20% Chance to fail.
  • Steel Trap (Needs Work) - Deploys 1 visible trap that stuns on touch. 20% Chance to Fail.
  • Poison Trap (Needs Work) - Deploys 1 hidden trap. 80% Chance to apply poison.
  • Multi Trap (Needs Work) - Deploy 4 visible traps. Slow on trigger. 20% Chance to Fail.
  • Multi Shot (Great Ability) - Hits the 5 closest targets.
  • Soul Sacrifice (Great Ability) - Burn 40% of your max mana and gain 90% as HP.
  • Hunters Mark (Needs Work) - Debuff your target to take percentage more damage. If target has less than 50% HP.
  • Acrobatics (Mediocre) - 100% chance to dodge all attacks (except skills) for 3 seconds.

The hunter has always been, by far, my favorite class in MMO games. The hunter concept for this game has potential and is almost excellent. There are a few areas that need polishing though. Again, take away the percent chance to fail, or succeed, on your traps and any other abilities and just give it to them. If you want to slow the target, let them slow the target 100%. Same goes with poison and burn damage. Also don’t make the traps visible to the enemies. It wouldn’t be much of a trap if your prey can see that it is going to be snared. Also, the multi trap thing. That looks very similar to caltrops, that ninjas use. It may be more fitting to use that instead of ‘trap’. The hunters ritual is redundant, because the paladin already has an AOE movement buff. Take away the AOE aspect and make it a hunter only buff. Acrobatics is a skill that needs to protect you from all things, because in PvP the only things used are abilities. That means acrobatics is useless there. Also, hunters mark needs to be less situational. Open the window of opportunities and let them debuff the target like a hunter should. Last thing, on camouflage give the hunter a heal over time effect. All of the characters use potions like it is a second ability. That means the balance is off and they are either dying too fast or don’t have sufficient mana to deal with threats. Giving characters a few more heal abilities will help with that.


Main Skills

  • Fireball (Great Ability) - Powerful single target ability.
  • Flame Missile (Needs Work) - Damages target. 80% Chance to apply a burn.
  • Meteor Rain (Great Ability) - Summon a rain of meteors that hits everything around.
  • Frost Blade (Needs Work) - Damage. 70% Chance to freeze.
  • Frost Bomb (Needs Work) - Damage. 70% Chance to slow.
  • Ice Spear (Redundant) - Cast fast, hit less.
  • Blizzard (Needs work) - High power. 50% Chance to freeze. 90% chance to slow.

Secondary Skills

  • Burn (Redundant) - applies a burn to target.
  • Mana Shield (Great Ability) - Incoming damage taken out of mana instead of hp.
  • Expand Mana (Great Ability) - Increase max mana for 45 seconds.
  • Frozen Hands (Redundant) - Basic attacks apply slow to target.
  • Lava barrier (Great Ability) - Protective barrier of lava. Applies burn on touch.
  • Corpse Life Drain (Needs Work) - Place a debuff on target. If corpse dies heal 20% of its max health.
  • Concentration (Great Skill) - Increase damage at increased price.
  • Quick Cast (Great Skill) - Next spell is instant.

Last, but not least, the wizard. I love the concept of the abilities here but a few things could be improved. I can’t stress this enough, if you want people to stun, give them the stun. Take away all of the percent chance and give them the freeze, or slow, or burn. On the ‘Ice Spear’ ability, people are already attacking at a decent speed for their normal attacks. They don’t need a mana drain that does the same thing but with a risk of having less mana. The ‘frozen hands’ and the ‘burn’ abilities are redundant, because the wizards abilities should already be slowing the target or burning them. They have the most crowd control abilities of all four of the classes. Lastly, corpse drain life should heal you by stealing hp from the target whether dead or alive and not only if the target dies. That will bring consistency errors in the game play and make it less fun. The mage has a lot of stun abilities, what about a single movement ability, or ice block that makes you invincible for a short period?

Reliance on Potions.

This game has a huge reliance on potions to fight monsters. That means there are inconsistencies with abilities, damage, and stat upgrades. Potions are vital, but not as vital as I see in the game currently.

Simplicity and Consistent.

Every great game has these two concepts in them, simplicity and consistency. The more simple it is the better. The more consistent it is, the more I enjoy what I am grinding for.

Monster Grind.

This game is a great game and I will continue to play until I am done grinding, but ultimately it is a monster grind game. When you get bored of that then you’re done. There is no story. The dungeons here can be soloed with no need for any parties help. Ultimately, make the dungeons challenging enough that you need a party to do them. Also supply us with more end game content such as a gladiator arena where players can fight 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. Their name plates should reflect Gold, Silver, or bronze for their participation in this event.

Health, Stamina, Magic.

Here is a controversial topic. Warriors and hunters should not be using mana, but instead stamina. Look at real life and swing in a circle with a stick, or shoot arrows all day. I guarantee that you will run out of energy before anything magical comes out of you.

Upgrade Stats.

Because of the inconsistencies with the damage in the game, it is not a good idea to give you a choice to put in dodge chance or even crit chance if you’re going to die in a few hits. Make the upgrades more simple. Give them one skill point per level and let them decide to put that into health, Mana, or Stamina. With health comes Defence, Hitpoints, and all the multipliers that involve survivability. With Mana, give them mana, obviously, and damage multiplier for the mana users as well as, crit chance, and damage absorption that turns absorbed damage into extra mana. For stamina, give more tamina and also damage multipliers, crit chance, and dodge chance for the warriors and hunters.

Physical vs magical.

What is the difference between physical and magic damage? In other great online games they combine this into one category which is damage and defense. It doesn’t matter what type of damage it is, as long as it takes away hp.

Rebirth System.

I enjoy the concept of the rebirth system, but if the monsters get more difficult every time you level up, then what are you doing it for? How many times can you be reborn? Surely there will be a time when the game is too difficult for anyone that gets reborn enough times. If not, then who wants to grind the same old stuff a million times? Also if there is a cap to the stats, why continue to go even further? What happens when you reached the limit? It will get boring fast. Try to implement something more entertaining for the end game, than a reset of the same old thing.

Random Armor Stats.

The website mentioned that the armor and weapon stats are Diablo style and Path of Exile style. The reason they could due this is because those games were hack n’ slash games and materials and money came very easily, as well as the cheapness of the upgrade. This game is not a hack n’ slash and more like a real mmo so please take out the random effects of it. Please allow the users to farm upgrade gems specific to the stats they want to build. And last thing, no one wants their armor or weapon to be destroyed after working so hard to get them, especially after you reroll the stats for an hour to get what you want and all the sudden the progress you made falls to the dust. Please don’t let items break like that. If there is anywhere to put a ‘percent to fail’ aspect to a game, it would go here and not in the abilities.

Bosses Dropping One Item for the entire party.

The boss should not drop only one item if a whole party was needed to kill it. Please implement a treasure chest that unlocks for everyone that helped kill the boss. This chest will link only to your character for the time it takes to loot something and give everyone an equal share of whatever the boss drops.

Class Abilities.

Class abilities should not be used as mob loot fodder. This makes those willing to grind have better things than those who just want to try it. If anything, give them as a quest reward for completing something out of the ordinary. It is a pian to grind one boss for a 1% chance to drop something, not to mention how much of a pain it is to grind you way to get to that point in the first place. Please make all of the abilities more readily available.

Main skills vs secondary skills.

What is the difference between them other than support and attack. It would be great to be able to customize your loadout no matter what type of skill your using, meaning I could use all Main skill abilities on both my action bars rather than main on one and secondary on the other.

Final Thoughts.

After all that, I see great potential in this game. I really enjoyed what I saw so far and will continue to provide feedback so long as my thoughts are taken seriously. Please let me know your thoughts as well. I know this is a lot, but I truly believe in this game and that it has potential.

LPcreed, you should see the thread “New Balance is coming soon see what’s new”. A lot of changes were already made. I only skimmed your post, but classes in general had some changes that I believe you asked about.

Also, you basically asked to rebalance the entirety of the game… Prioritize your suggestions to what you really feel the game needs and hash that one out really well is going to be more effective in getting attention then writing a book. No offense intended but chances are no one is going to read all of this.

I apologize. I was too excited to share my ideas that I didn’t do research before sending this. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Also, it feels as though probs are relief upon heavily. What I mean by this is that I have a lvl 73 character that can use an ability about 5-6 times then I’m out of Mana. That is just enough to kill 1- 2 enemies and barely not die. This is for the paladin class. I also noticed that when I fight lower level creatures around lvl 55 it feels the same as fighting creatures my own level.

Potions are relief upon*