Day and nighttime in Laurum World

The main idea is to have 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night (with client’s darkness animation/effect)

So, let’s go to the facts:

1-We need a night/day sistem that will rotate every 12 hours, if in EU is day, in US will be night.
2-Every X days(could be a week or 3 days) the hours will rotate to not have always the same daylight time in every server.
3-We need to add effects to that day and night like for example, MOB X will be stronger at day (and weaker in night), and MOB Y will be stronget at night (but weaker in day)
4-For every time we need to configure which gonna happen apart fromo that, like EXTRA HP, Extra Damage? And will be any reward? More exp, more gold, more drop, or nothing at all only stronger/weaker?
5-The divisions of mobs will be

Stronger at night, weaker at day:
All mobs from caves (Zombie, bats, spiders, phasemask, soulmask, fire)
Ghosts, dark souls
Stronger at day, weaker at night:
Snakes, bees, mushroom, water, shamans 1 and 2, octopus, treant, golem, sands, etc.
Att: Spoiler , Kev Hemingway


Your idea is good, but in my point of view, a day/night cicle doesn’t fit with Laurum. Maybe maplestory or minecraft.


Yeah this is… complicated. Adding shadows or tint (to simulate day/night) is not an easy task at all.


About the mechanism and forgetting about the night effect, the rest would be possible?
Because maybe we can instead of having day or night, something like mobs will start to glow, or whatever it’s easy, because I don’t care about the effects really but I like the idea of having some random/non linear stuff to add.

Btw I have participated in the idea with Spoiler because it sounded nice and give him a little help.
If it’s hard then forget of course

As always, not the priority, but some day who knows.

Well it’s basically the same we have with buffs but instead of randomize it on spawn it would be linked to server time or whatever time we come up with.

The problem here is that we dont have 2 types of “activities”, so if you happen to login during nighttime you might get murdered by OP mobs and thats all you can do… get rektd until the sun shows up. Its not like you will switch from Ghosts to Golems because right now is night time and Ghosts are OP right now.

My point is, there is nothing else to do when monsters get buffed unlike on games like Minecraft where you can dedicate that night time to either go out for special stuff or craft and get ready for as soon as next day starts.


Yes I understand, that’s why I suggested to be in one server at time so you can go to other server instead, but if someone got 1k ping in other server they will be fucked up.
Also I was thinking in something not too OP for sure, like 1.2x stats and exp or whatever, maybe also we will see more ppl in servers(I Think the most of ppl plays in US)


As kev says it doesn’t matter to change the image of the map in night mode. also as you say alk about not doing the OP mobs because they can make it difficult for the players, but it will be possible to put new mobs that come out at night and in the day they don’t come out and give a little more EXP and slightly increase the Drop percentage .

the reason for that probably is cause US load faster when you login. before the server changes, usually EU had more players

EU loads much slower because our central database is in US.

Sorry guys but I don’t see a clear idea here. Sure we can make monsters harder every x hour but we are also forcing people to move to another server. Who would want to farm the same but harder just to stay in US while monsters are buffed?

Maybe this is the beginning of a great idea but so far its only a small change that will take a lot of work and without a clear justification (aside from… more exp… more gold - which is already a problem… more drop rate…?.. etc)

Imo this is a great idea to be thought of after the game is “complete”. there is so much stuff to be added like the raids, new maps and items up to 150, the craft system that we have tons of materials storaged… the “soul bind itens” that celmi told about it months ago that is an awesome idea.

I would love to have any of that more than anything else.


sounds good but something else is more important.


Sadly this idea wont fit with perfect balance OR this will be really hard to realize by balancing this for all levels. I just mean beginners.