Crafting/training optimisation in 1.5

I’ve only had a brief chance to look at 1.5 on testland so apologies if I’ve misunderstood. Haven’t been able to get back on for the last day or so as message says windows client not supported.

I was wondering if there is an efficiency/optimisation clash between training stats (expecially at 30RB) and new crafting items. I’ve only just been able to have a quick look but it seems like you have to be anything up to l150 to craft some items. To do that if at max 30rb and crafting at l150 would mean that you would very likely be training stats at lower efficiency (at least the way things currently stand where as you know people generally train stats at l100). Even with higher level mobs I’m guessing people won’t be stat training at l150.

I hope that makes sense and I’ve probably misunderstood; just that I’d hate to level to 30RB and discover that I either can’t craft new items as optimising training stats at l100 (or perhaps a bit higher with new higher level mobs) or have to train stats at a suboptimal higher level (e.g. 150) so that I can craft items. It would be similar at lower rb levels in that you’d have to go up levels to craft and again either train at suboptimal levels or RB. I guess not a problem if maxed stats but I’m assuming that many will want to both craft and train stats - ideally at the same time. And of course this may all be by design and working as intended.

Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

in 1.5 everyone will stuck at 110lvl because u cant access to the new maps at 100lvl. i told something like you said to alk, but he want to keep everything like this i guess.

Crafting recipe levels have been changed since you last logged in, check the latest testland and you will find all these issues have been fixed

Edit: Still, thanks for your feedback which has been exceptional @synkas and @Vacuous

Thanks Alk, I’m looking at beta 8 with crafting level reqs up to 140 for legendary coin. Is there a subsequent release?

Hi Alk, looking in live it still looks like you need to be at higher levels to craft various items; mats up to 140, equipment 150 and cloth 150. I’m still thinking how that will impact the efficiency of training stats
As you know stat training is significantly slower at higher levels. Sorry to labour the point.


Indeed, this is in the road map of fixes for hot-fix#2. I just didn’t want to change too many things on launch day especially when I had everything compiled and pre-approved by google since yesterday mid-day

I am working on this right now and hopefully will push yet another update later tonight

Excellent, many thanks Alk,.really appreciate all the hours and effort as I’m sure does everyone else!

Thanks to you too!

hot-fix#2 will have all these changes with a cap on level required at 120 but it is pending for approval right now so give it another 2h or so

This will be changed to level 100 in the next server patch