Crafting in 1.5

It looks like there are a wide range of ingredients both old and new in 1.5 for crafting new recipes and items. Plenty that is new to explore and lots of new content.

Some recipes appear to require significant volumes of existing lower level items like golden horn and tooth. I suspect that even players with max RB and several thousand hours active play will have limited volumes of these that will be used up very quickly; expecially compared with some others ingredients. As a consequence I’m guessing that some of the levelling areas could be full of overpowered high level characters grinding out industrial quantities of ingredients for end-game crafting.

I have no issue with putting in the hours but would worry that this potential ingredient farming at lower level content might cause significant congestion and resulting problems. Especially for newer and mid-level players.

As previously apologies if I’ve misunderstood!

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