Class Stat Information

See this:

what if you edited the code? :eyes:

are you saying you don’t want pally to have the worst ratios of all stats? sounds too good to be true…

I think that paladin should have buffed WIS to 3.5, as it is supposed to be supportive class which has to spam spells to protect party members from danger, paladin without mana is not a support, and such multiper which is lower than in hunter’s case doesn’t help, oh yeah, and magical classes which depend on their spells should have this multiper a little bit higher than physical classes . Even on select your class panel we see that paladins have more max mana than hunters so why paladins as a class 2.5 and hunters 3.0?.

and I know that balance will be made not once not two times, im putting it here to leave a feedback. Please let me know, what you think of this?


Thanks for this - I will definitely add this to trello as a bug


Palladin should have more def and mag def multiplier,)as skills are obsolete and almost uselles) why not to bring “perma buff” again but with a lower percentage?)) warriors should come second and hunters and wiz to be equal as they are the only range attackers.