Charge skill poll

Hello, I’m making a poll which would show us what ppl think about changing charge skill from simple speed buff to dash spell ( like 2x of warrior circle ).
Due to domination of range classes, and not having anything to catch them except ms build, there comes the idea, of changing it, to make the chances more fair.

  • I wish for the dash charge
  • Keep it as it is

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If you are a warrior tell us your experience against distance classes, and what do you think about making it to dash spell.

Idea born during talking with Kraghack, and Stormbeat

What is a dash spell??

Anyway next patch warrior will have a mov speed base buff(Warrior will walk faster due to this), plus charge adds 40% mov speed for 5 seconds, adds also attack speed, and removes any speed debuff on you… its impossible to make it better than now.
Also in next patch warrior gets an increase of his range for basic and skill attacks…
Oh, charge also will be reduced cooldown to 12.5 seconds(Before it was 15 seconds)

If you want more speed use mov speed mods


Dash is a spell which would just teleport u to the place where yu want, game would be more dynamic with that >.>
So you say charge gonna be kinda like Olaf’s ultimate from LoL, nice!
Post made by me, bcs no one would do this otherwise >.>

We can’t make a teleport skill, that was discussed already for a wizard.
With current engine is a pain in the ass to do it, sorry xD

Agreed, could we have a instant 2 square dissapear and appear skill for wiz? Not teleportation, but light speed movement no1 could see it

What’s the difference with camouflage?

Camouflage is slow, while the new wiz.skills has light speed movement. Like instant. Point and hit.