Changes in karma and pk system

This system really need to be changed. If youre pk and a non-pk player attack, you should to be able tô self defense without get more karma.

ALL games have a bennefit becoming a ok ( Kill players tô drop itens, gain reputation) here? Not even one


No sense?

You kill, you will die.

So just remove PVP from game, then.
EVERY SINGLE RPG if you kill players, you get a reward (loot drops, reputation, everything)
Here in laurum only thing you have is dead.
I not saying you should not have to die hahahaha but the system can work better.

the name is self-defense. have you ever played tibia? You get a PK for unjustified kill but if someone attack you even if youre pk, you should can kill him without get more PK for that.

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I agree, if youre orange or red, people who initiate an attack on you should go purple and be a karma free pk. Also I think there should be highly lucrative areas in the game that are also karma free. Tbh the main reason i dont go red is because you cant use pets :frowning:

Exacly, that is no why you go PK in this system, kinda a shit. YEAHHHHH, game say “open pvp at lv 15” and you get no why doing it

Someone will abuse it just stand in low lvl map let low lvls hit you and kill them for no penalty

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People always abuse, this is life. But If something is bad you should try make ir better and then deal with abuses

if a stronger character abuses in low level area then set a limit to how much a player can kill before he goes negative karma, like to get a negative karma you must exceed the specific limit of kills like 20 kills a day, and make low players invulnerable to drops to higher RB and higher levels. example If theres a 20 levels gap between the two players make the weaker party invulnerable to as i said, drops.

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I guess this is too much but killing 3 players and get -5000 karma is to much, the non self-defense system is bad too, and for karma remove se need something better than keep being killed again and again.

I agree with self protection to not get more karma.
Otherwise if you are red you cant protect yourself without getting more karma.