Can someone explain bosses

Like how drops work I cant seem to.afford multi shot

  • 3% to drop Jewels
  • 5% to drop Training Stone
  • 3% to drop Neck (Alainon the Bane)
  • 3% to drop Rings (Abelot the Keeper)
  • 1% to drop Primary Book R3 (Alainon the Bane)
  • 1% to drop Secondary Book R3 (Abelot the Keeper)

These are drop rates.

Blue boss, just kill it, if youre range just keep distance
Red boss 50% reflect like 15% hp absorbtion 10% enrage crit + ms speed bonus

Increase your magic defense so yu can kill them more easy, as it was said, you probably can already think, that magic classes(wiz/pala)have easier life to kill them

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multishot is DS low lvl exclusive drop. lvl 50-80, i think