Bug player join to party

I wanted to report a bug. A player joins a party in which the one who invites him is not the pl in this moment.

It happens when ‘player A’ is pl and invites to ‘player B’ to join to his party, but ‘player B’ does not accept at the moment, then the ‘player A’ ceases to be pl and ‘player A’ joins another party in which ‘player C’ is pl. And when ‘player B’ accepts the party that long ago sent him ‘player A’, ‘player B’ is joined to the party of pl ‘player C’ because is where ‘player A’ is in this moment.
But ‘player B’ should not have joined any party, because ‘player A’ is not a pl of any party.


In the video, Asuraaaa = ‘player A’, Zeuspol = ‘player B’, Lolkura = ‘player C’

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