Buffs got.more expensive

LOL … to be honesty i find myself offended… not only me… but all players… Buffs were reduced From 12h unto 2h… Ok good. But the Price its pretty much the same in gems … before 12h was 3.600gems. Now 2.600 … but before 12h 3.6k gems. NOW … 2.500k gems. So what. 2.5k gems for 2h … 12h now is 6x 2.6k gems. It’s not cheaper. It’s more expensive

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What a surprise not.

Don’t generalize, you are not all players and your opinion is not even close to what “all players” think.

Regarding gem prices, we can’t scale prices down that much because we would have ended up with just 600 gems which everyone would prefer and would make gold usage nearly useless.

Besides this you should also know prices are affected by the guild level and amount of members, so you are clearly not talking about a level 1 20men guild.

LOL all… just think about. Before we were buffing 12h with 32kk gold… now 8kk for 2h… so 8x6 = 36kk… 36kk for 12h. Before was 32

Ok… It’s better now. But … I don’t know. I Donny what to say. Thanks for awnsering

And how many of those 12h did you play?
How many of your guild mates were able to play 12h and use the full buff?
Can you now play 4h of buff for just 16kk rather than pay 32kk and play 4?

Split your cost between member per hour and you will see that is cheaper now than before.

You just like to talk **** no matter what, I know your type, this is not our first week as developers :wink:

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Ok…It’s more accessible. But not.more cheap… okay you are right in a point

Ok done. Sorry of what I said… somehow its better for everyone

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That way it doesn’t pay to level up the guild or have many members in it if it makes the buff more expensive. So it doesn’t make sense to have or join a guild and evolve it. The buff had to have a fixed price. This would encourage guilds to have more active members.

For example, my guild is at level 40, has more than 90 members (some 30 there are not so active, I think) and the xp buff gives 35% bonus for 2 hours costing 21,250kk / 6300 gems.

You must believe that all players earn a lot of money in the game and can donate 500k-1kk a day to the guild to afford such an expensive buff.

The guild has to collect money for a month to use a maximum of 4-6 hours of buff.

If the up was easy I would even understand the buff to be expensive, but the up is tiring and boring. And this buff instead of stimulating the player discourages him.

This guild buff system is ridiculous

For me the guild is only for members to help themselves, that’s all.

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How to invest in a guild without knowing the day of tomorrow, any time you can be taken out of it and the buff after so much invested the date and time to use in a guild never works for everyone is not worth it in most cases. A good system for the few.

Zadoc this is madnoob it really isn’t that bad the buffs isn’t meant to be used on a daily basis without sacrifice. If you take our member count and divide it by cost its really cheap and easy to obtain. The hardest decision comes with when to use them because with different timw zones there will never be everyone online. That’s why I assume it started with 12hrs instead of 2. But players complained im sure it will change in time after more data is provided for the devlopers to analyze and see whats going to work best.

I just wanted the guild’s buffs to be more useful, because we only use it once or twice a month

Make a temporary item “guild buff” valid for 24 hrs and as soon as leader activates the buff the item gets transferred to every member of guild and they can activate when ever they want within 24 hrs. This can help if it’s possible

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Agree … then we domt need to play all in the same time

“if it’s possible” that is and also there is this thing that some players might say that then what is meaning of guild if we don’t play together but since there are not many players playing at the moment + it will be great for small guild or new players. I guess this suggestion can be put into consideration