Books vs. skill trees poll

Do you like skill books or you preffer skill trees?

  • Books
  • Skill trees

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If the votes for skill trees will be way way way higher than books we may change something!!!

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This is a weird situation we have here. I like the skill trees as most of you do too (83% votes to trees atm im writing this), but changing skills in laurum to trees would make a mess to the economy, cause the books have its values.

We also have no idea if the skills will ever have lvls, cause skill trees usually are about unlocking and improving skills…

Anyway, laurum had skill tree in the past and now have books so, it may have a reason for that and we dont know it yet…


Well, Skill trees, anyone can lvup and hit the good skills.

You dont need to stay 10 hours on [b]oss, to get killed and other ppls drop your dream skill.

You dont need to farm more to get gold to can [b]uy one skill.

For me, Skill trees is the [b]est.

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My question is what happens when you rebirth, do you have to level uo and unlock the skills within the skill tree or will they already be unlocked for you upon rebirth?

If leveling the skills within the skill tree is possible then the skill tree idea would be great and would work well with rebirth. This would allow for players to enjoy the devil square at an earlier level, and grind easier since it will take longer to rebirth every time.

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There was an old skill tree, If i remember well it was like: you get some primary points to spend on skills in tree, and for rb points you can upgrade these spells higher


The return of skill trees! :hushed:

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I wish at least 100 ppl will make their vote

Maybe of skill in skill tree can be up is better and skill tree is a beutifull change.

Back in the early test the skills could be improved by level up points like more points = more damage and effectiveness of those skills so I think that would be good to have it back rather than inflated prices for newer players

In my opinion, the talent tree is the best strategy as it will help a low level, as it does not have the money to buy a skill, as it will benefit a higher level because it has a greater amount of points. Also that the customization of the tree goes to each one and that way we can have wizards with different goals and everything. This is the way.


Sneaky reminder for discord ppl

Almost 50 ppl gave their opinion! Thanks all of you


There are many more people who agree with the skill tree, but these people unfortunately do not participate in the forum here. Only in a friend’s guild, the vast majority support (about 12 players), imagine the rest of the game. What is missing here is more participation, but this value (50) can be taken as a sample.

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I like skill trees but to allow you to use it and enable it in the tree you must first get or use a book :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be great combo >. < and each book could upgrade the skill

This is interesting, cool.

Hey you a discord guy, I bet you won’t open this, and totally sure, that you won’t vote here, bcs you don’t have the courage inside of you

Who? Are you talking to me? :rofl:

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Books are definitely not a problem. People just dont like spending time getting enough money to afford the high tier skills

Last week to give your voice in this matter! Lets hit at least 70 voters!

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