[BOF] Bonds Of Fate is recruiting

Bond Of Fate logo

Good afternoon fellow Laurum players! A new Guild is in town, and we are currently recruiting B)

We are the Bonds Of Fate guild, we are a guild that is oriented around mutual aid for all of our members and simply having a good time! We will help each other with all our needs and questing, and hopefully help more people!

Reqs: We are an english speaking guild, so if you can read this, you most likely meet this Req B)

We are looking for members who are atleast 3+ rebirths to show that you are dedicated to the game

You have to use discord and be in the offical laurum online server, contact Pyro🔥#6798 on discord for more information

(This is the most important req) You have to be able to play anywhere around the hours of 8am - 8pm EST USA

If you meet all of these requirments congrats! you will most likely be accepted, and I hope to see you in game fellow comrades B)

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