Bentong is being toxic

Bentong is being toxic,

I asked for help form zelp,i was told to mute him
So i did but people kept telling me that bentong is talking trash about me, and he never stops so i unmute him to take screenshots all he saysis jade is weak but he does not stop and he keeps interfering whenever i talk it is getting really annoying and it is breaking rule.

No bullying.

I didn’t want to report this here… Because i thought it was childish and i thought he would eventually stop by himself.

but I’ve had enough, and he isn’t stopping it’s been well over a month and zelp knows about this.

Please do something about this behavior!


Im adding some pictures but there is alot more then just the pictures.!



You were told multiple times to mute him and just ignore people. There are no rules being broken as its small harmless banter. I told you this in pm before but going to say again: Grow up and be the bigger man. Who cares if people say things behind your back, thats part of life, you will get it until the day you die and then they will still talk.

If you cant handle petty stuff like this then maybe you should give up on gaming since it happens everywhere.

Please stop spamming my dms and report section unless you actually have something to report.


haha wth jade wek haha

ilove jade xd acting being bullied, baby, etc xd


So bentong isn’t bullying, spamming or showing any abusive behavior… Ok ill block him and everyone who speaks to me about him, ty for you help.

I don’t personally see anything here. Just the typical pvp game banter. This usually drives my grindingnefforts in overdrive to get that satisfaction of victory at a later date.


No offense chris but your never online…

I can’t use global without bentong saying something to me or about me.

It is clear he is spamming, and it is clear he is bullying so that’s 2 rules he has broken im not asking for him to get banned or something just muted him when he gets excessive.

But never mind i can see no one cares so just close this discussion i won’t bring it up again.


jade just chillax xd i will not do it again i will call you the jadestrong ok xd

muchas palabras pocas acciones si quieres hacemos un vs y asi yo podre hacer los chistes que tu haces ya que solo son bromas y son legales como dice madnoob

nahh!!!jadeheart is toxic too…dont be vias…jadeheart always kill all newbies at pvp…never be green or blue name…always red name…dont be vias bro…bentong revenge all newbies killed by jadeheart…lol


Not talking about the killing… If it was just that I wouldn’t care… Igop im talking about chats

When will alkanov reply about this?

Because I’m getting tired of this…

Pero y si molesta mucho la persona ?