Ban on Phone ip

Yo. Can you unban my phone ip? I cant even make New acc

Since it doesnt seem like you understand the term “Ban” ill help you out.

not exactly sure who im talking to since you left absolutely no information; so im assuming youre Dobel. At this time your ban stays as is. if you had read the rules to begin with you wouldnt be at these crossroads now.

hope this cleared things up.

I know that the old Chenbuk demofire supports the game. But isn’t going against the rules punished?
You and Alknove did nothing about the purchase of the Demofire account that today the new owner changed the name to Chenuk. And do you think it is right for an ADM to interfere in the game by making the game not follow its natural course?

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Not sure how that pertains to this post at all. However, we see a bunch of you insinuating this, but have never shown us proof that he did indeed purchase the account. Anyone can say X bought this or X bought that, but without any evidence its just allegations.