Balance poll for 1.4.9 update

Hi, I got a request of making small balance poll in few spells to keep game more enjoyable by everyone.
What would be changed in 1.4.9?

Words of Kev :slight_smile:

“Concentration actually should be just 10% increase power”
“Hp/Mp/Def buffs 20%”

I personally know what would be the answer of the majority, but we can try^^ :slight_smile:

Do you want these changes to keep the game more balanced?

  • yes
  • no

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What’s the reason of it?


When even dev says that the values of these buffs shouldn’t be so high it means something :slight_smile:
The reason is to balance. Hope one of the last ones


I am gonna vote No
I don’t see any reason to do it, just a new change to classes cuz that will make pretty sure alot weaker…

I don’t know why you want that…
The main lose will be for pala and wiz
if you wanna do something like that try to keep everything fine…cuz wiz side or pala won’t be happy and I won’t accept your guildmates aggrements ^^
You should try to make everyone happy
to be honest I just see a nerf for wiz there and mana shield with hp buff will be usless
10% is too low xD for real man…
just look at the numbers cuz not everyone has 10k hp to get 1k hp more hp from it xD
Please when you wanna do some changes like that use some pro and cons :slight_smile:
edit: my bad i just saw you said hp buff 20%
I think normal for it is 25% or 30% …why would you want that?

I am against all nerf/buff/“balances”. Said that, if something is broken and needs fixing then I need to know.

Im not talking about 20 yes vs 10 no, get a lot of players to see this and to post their opinions and then we can decide what to do


Somehow ya all don’t complain about all eqs nerfs, but it is also for the good of the game to keep game balanced

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I’m vomiting on ppl like you or ezra who play rarely, have u even fought with mage on your lvl? i bet u wouldn’t even be able to get close to him, that’s the damage from this fucked buff :slight_smile:

Why you re just like that
I tried to be nice and I didn’t said anything bad
I don’t see why people should agree when someone wakes up and says NERF WIZ CONCENTRATION
yeah that skill is insane, but making it 10% is usless :wink:
If you don’t have strong arguments for nerfing it shut up.
Nerfing def/mdef buffs isnt a good thing…if your dmg is too low and cant dmg chen isnt my bad…
And you re so mean saying I cant reach a wiz =l
maybe you right but I don’t ask for nerfs cuz u cant reach demon xD

I dont play rarely but cant play 24/7…
Its impossible to make ppl like you understand while you just see me as an enemy lol, I just tried to be friendly and here to help the game…
I just don’t see the point of nerfing that…
why not nerf hawkeye and acrobatics???

Don’t nerf concentration. Nerf camouflage instead! Lol

Ezra you showed to be class biased as f*** now and I was one of the few who was still supporting you even after all these beefs. Wizards are too op. I have only realised that when I switched to paladin, I can handle it, I’m okay as it is now but cmon… Nerf all class equipment execpt Wizards, giving them more Def?

Nah it’s not being fair imho.

well I dont see why you attack ezra for some words
instead of these skills nerfs why dont you guys make a post about the unfair equipment changes…just for real…why you dont do that instead nerfing skills…

Btw, this can be also done on 1.5 because 1.4.9 should not introduce stat changes as we will be testing enough things already


This moment when some ppl are creating forum accounts just to vote on one thing which would do to their lovely op class harm :slight_smile:

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Get rid of the lava burn stacking with regular burn. It’s clearly an unfair mechanic and it doesn’t make sense.
Bleed and poison don’t stack, even if they are applied from different skills.

I don’t trust polls from the whole community.

There is a need to change the buff system, not because concentration and paladin buffs are the best but because archer and warrior don’t have good things too.

My case is, buffs like acrobatics and hawkeye are very useless. These can be changed to attack speed and crit damage or the two skills can be allowed to go over the 50% cap but only by 12.5%.

Warrior getting an attack speed debuff to the skill “slow” would also be good addition.

If not that then another idea for warrior is to add a self buff skill similar to the paladins burnshield. Instead of it applying burn it will apply either slow debuff, crit damage debuff, attack speed debuff or all of the above.
If it is too OP then the skill timers can be played with to make it balanced.

Just change one of the useless warrior skills to this.

Finally, don’t cry and say I only want archer to be OP, have an objective view. Testing is needed.


So right :stuck_out_tongue:
if concentration would be 10% every skill should too xD concentration would be so usless for players that dont have higher than 10k int
just a normal play has like 2-3k int dmg so with concentration he gain 200-300 more
i would better use other skill than this one :stuck_out_tongue:
and nerfing def/mdef buffs without nerfing armor crusher, meteor rain debuff, pala debuff and other skills like acrobatics and hawkeye seems so stupid…
since is too hard to look into other skills and their dmg moddifiers they just say nerf concentration xD
ppl like vouri that doesnt use battle shout and def buff got not problem
and the bad thing is that they dont talk about the usless skills xD
like the warrior reflect skill, wizard frost bomb, paladin cleanse and for hunter idk cuz i never played it
so in that case i think ppl that never was a wiz shouldnt talk about nerfing concentration lol
and in my opinion concentration is the main thing of wiz xD and classes arent the same
and it is just so fun how some ppl react when we dont agree with stuff like that “im vomiting”

And the cry has begun…

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Man there is no cry xD
but I don’t wanna get some stuff changed cuz just some ppl wants and didn’t got any arguments for that change…
just saying concentration is op?
I think that was created for our opinion and not fighting here!
I would like to see what other ppl think about it…

The only thing that got me mad was “I’m vomiting”…That’s not a normal way to answer when we are allowed to tell our opinion
And I don’t think I messed some stuff when I said that.
For balance Alk and Kev worked alot and you just wanna change all the stuff like you want and that’s not okay…and again…changing/nerfing/buffing skills isnt a solution to fix it
Ofc mia mages kill some anns cuz they got train and rb and pretty sure not everyone got the same stuff like his enemy so that’s a big changer in pvp…If you guys show up some good arguments to vote yes CHANGE THAT I can’t say now…but why not should I create a topic and say let’s vote nerf lava barrier

The idea was to nerf the combo of lava and burn, since they both stack. If you run into a lava barrier and get burned right after, the timer resets and you get the DOT of both together.

A dev then came up with the idea to nerf conc since “it was always to op”.

So dont blame ann for all changes.
Furthermore im Wiz myself now and well, what should i say… i kill groups of strong players alone. Its not that i dont like it :3