Autosalvage in 1.5

A few comments after a quick look:

Looks like you can’t autosalvage rings, necks or stones - assume this is by design?

Autosalvage on common new level 100 wizard gear (no mods or UG) appears to give the top end wadmal cloth every time. Surprised me as it looks like you’d have plenty very quickly (more than you’d need). I had assumed this would be either a very rare drop or take time and effort to craft; not a 100% autosalvage as was my experience over repeated attempts.

I’m also wondering if this is the same for common level 100 gear for the other three classes.

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We are only giving one wadmal cloth back, but you need 10s to make a full set

And yes, it doesnt get affected by auto salvage as we dont want any accidents with top tier gear

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To be honest I’d prefer to be able to autosalvage on everything and take some care with inventory management (as we always needed to). Currently autosalvage works but then I need to do a manual tidy up on non salvage items. I’d include accessories too but appreciate that’s just one view.

It would be too risky.

We have seen this in the past even when you can lock items and mass sell