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Do jeito que está já está muito bom, o ruim é só voltar tudo , seria bom se não voltasse, exp: +1a +4 pode voltar até +1, mas depois que passar +5 a +8 não voltar a baixo de +5, só isso já arrumaria…

Please write in english, also try to reply in the thread that we are discussing this.

Here is the translation:

The way it is already is very good, the bad is just to return everything, it would be good if it did not return, exp: + 1a +4 can go back to +1, but after passing +5 to +8 not return below +5 , that alone would fix…

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I don’t know how to use the forum very well

But the idea would be that every 3 lvls of the item does not go down more than these three, it may go down but not below 3

Seems to people doesn’t want RNG lucky system, it’s frustrating, the solution that you are proposing was taken into account in the discussion, to only let the things as now but without the nasty downgrade part to 9 or 12 to +4 again… And I understand your point of view, you want only a slightly upgrade of actual system modifying the less possible, so removing some nasty upgrades to have “safe floor zones” when you are upgrading so you can’t go back when you reach certain upgrade lvl.

exactly, so I suggested a safe zone, not to go down so much, in case 3 or 5 lvls would be good in my point of view, thanks for answering !!

Hi @Volps , we studied safe zones and without regression or with a less aggressive one you can get to +16 with an average like this:

Simulator here:
Total Jewel A:
Total Jewel B:
Total Jewel C:
Total Jewel D:

The problem with the above is that while in the best case it can take 16 jewels to upgrade, in the worst case can take 100k+ which means we don’t have control over player’s progress and introduces frustrations on the player side.