ASIA SERVER we need asia server Dev

I hope it will be great if the dev. will put ASIA SERVER here 'cause the game only have US ans EU servers.The game lags a lot here in SOUTH EAST ASIA.This game will attract a lot of players here in asia 'cause of many of us love to play classic rpg’s like this.I Hope that dev. will put asia server as much as possible and im willing to help if necessary.


Yep I think so :smile: :):cười:

Yeah! More servers, and servers non-pvp its good too (Have much idiots on GVG just killing for nothing) and in GVG its impossible to farm on Obs/Ice

If u was killed in server GvG change server. Exist quest kill player. You don’t have to stay on the GvG server.

Yes, EU server for me.

Btw, its a idea.

Create new server is a good idea but not because i die from player in GvG.

I lost all period of the vents cause of this. Sad :disappointed: