Areas pvp Rework

Since pvp seems to be a greater problem every day, for new players. I suggest removing pvp to follow areas:

I think spider cave should be removed. Is a corner and there isnt really any mean to let it open pvp, at least for now, but we could see it become a passage to a high lvl area or boss? who knows…

Ghost i think is a good place to start pvp just cause when you die on that area, thats where you respwan and you wont lose anything. it is also really easy to avoid further pvp and go elsewhere.

Now, taking out pvp from observers?!?!?!?! no sir! at least not when you have only obs and ice maps as the last two high lvl areas. In laurum history most of the times it had massive pvp, it was at obs entrance.

Imo as soon as you decide that after x place/lvl pvp is open, generally all the higher places should be open

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I like the idea of removing bat cave, since this seems to be a place where a lot of noobies rage quit.

I would like to add that I think some areas should be completely karma free pk 100% of the time, such as boss rooms and maybe some new map when it comes out. (Letting you get to 150 for rb from ice, but if you want extra benefits from a place its FFA pvp)

If you have a different suggestion, please use a different topic.