Are the weekly quests rewarding enough?

Im forced to make this post since the first reaction from the staff member i tried to talk about with this topic was a waste of time since all i got as answer is i would have been crying.

After comparing the normal quests with the weekly ones i came to the conclusion that those weekly quests are quite unrewarding. Weekly quests can be only done once a week (rarity), require a lot of kills (effort/time) and are performing poorly if you compare them with other quests.

The purpose of the weekly quest was to be:
a) challenging
b) rewarding
c) help new players to levelup
d) statement: “you dont need to do this quest”

a) It is challenging yes. Right now you need to kill 4500 mobs for the rewards what feels like a lot, especially to new players. But if you group up as new player it should be done quite easily.

b) Its not rewarding. (!watch math below!) On normal quests you need to kill like 50 mobs and get 45k exp, 30k gold for it. Here you need to kill 90 times more mobs and only get 2x the exp and 3x the gold of a normal high level quest. Clever people may have recognized i forgot the gem chest. Well i didnt. You get 6-12 gems for this quest (you can do only once a week) while you can do other quests which also give 6-12 gems daily. As for example the “kill 20 mobs in ds quest”.

=> The weekly quest performs poorly exp, gold, gem wise

c) Any exp helps yes. But just because a quest gives exp doesnt verify it being good or rewarding. Im quite sure a complete new player is done with a levelzone before even reaching 750mobs (ice weekly not counted as there are no more levelzones after it)
A new players levels that fast, he might not be able to finish the quest.
Another point is newbies may take any quest they can get as they dont know stuff about “is this quest good or bad”.

d) I’ve been told i should stop crying since im not forced to do this quests. Also the weekly quests were planned to be 9000 mobs to be killed in total instead of 4500 now. Therefore i should stop crying.
That logic is like saying: “hey our mmorpg has only one class to chose but lol stop crying and be happy it arent 0”
Its comparing bad things to even worse things to make it look better in first place.

Im comparing a normal ice quest, the weekly quest for skeletons and the ds gem chest quest here

  1. Normal ice:
    Kill 50 mobs, get 45k exp, 30k gold

  2. Daily ds:
    Kill 20 mobs in ds, get 6-12 gems

  3. Weekly skeleton quest:
    Kill 4500 mobs, get 100k exp, 100k gold, 6-12 gems

Stating out the effort/reward ratio between this 3 quests.
-> 1) Exp/Gold ratio per mob after completing 900/600
-> 2) Gem ratio per mob after completing 0,3-0,6
->3) Exp/Gold/Gem ratio per mob after completing 22,2/22,2/0,00006-0,00012

Take a “casual” player as example who play LO 2 hours/day
Lets guess he might finish the weekly quest in time.

Per day:
e)Doing a normal ice quest every hour he gets like 90k exp, 60k gold per day from one quest only
f) Doing the daily ds gem chest quest he gets like 6-12 gems daily

Per week:
e) 90k exp/60k gold * 7 days = 630k exp/420k gold
f) 6-12 gems daily * 7 days= 42-84 gems per week
Weekly quest: 100k exp, 100k gold, 6-12 gems per week

Weekly quest needs a major tweak. As you can see its waay to unrewarding comparing to other quests. Since it can be done only weekly its rewards should be way higher.

=> What are your thoughts on this topic?


Well as I said on discord I mostly agree.

Would be great to have the point of view of some newcomer or more casual players than Ezra you or me.

From my point of view the two solutions could be
a) Increase the exp/gold, and instead of 1 premium chest give at least 2 of them.
b) Keep it as is now and lower each of the mobs to 150-200-250

Would be great to see some statistics the next week to see if anyone have completed the quest.

If we take the a) solution, taking into account that:
-Killing 25 lich and sekeletons gives you 46580 exp/33226 gold
and you can do theem twicely in a short period of time brings to you a total of 93160 exp/66452 gold for 100 mobs in total

-You can do it simultaneously with another quest with same requisites that gives you 47575 exp/33929 gold
and you can do twicely again brings you a total of 95150 exp/67858 gold for 100 mobs in total

-Also you will be receiving at this point with 4 quests of that a breakout quest(materials from ice) that gives you an extra of 48569 exp/34632 gold

-Between the cooldown you could do Chilling news(obs/death) 1,2,3 (we can round it every quest to 100 mobs for the materials) that gives you aprox 40000 exp/31000 each time, you can do it two times in a row we can round it to 100000 exp/75000 gold for a total of 200 mobs aprox

So in conclusion we have a total of 400 mobs aprox:
336879 exp
243942 gold

So doing linear we can do some math and get that in 4500 mobs you should get:
3 789 888 exp
2 744 347 gold

Taking into account that you will do it this faster because the mobs are weaker(fire cave and skeleton chief are easier) and you will do it in a row without cooldown or anything at all the equation couldn’t be linear.

So my final solution will be something like:
3.000.000 xp and 2.000.000 gold with 2 premium chests at least

I should check the maths and numbers did it quickly

but using only numbers of ice quests (four kill 25/25 and one breakout) in that period of time you kill in total 200 mobs and get 236.879 exp and 168.942, being linear here in 4500 mobs you should get:
*5 329 777 exp
*3 801 195 gold

yeah, insane.

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Thanks for your input. Yes i agree its insane. But on the other hand its a quest you can only do once a week so its rewards should also be based on that imo.

Its a difficult thing though. Imagine exp being adjusted to your calculated level. A 0 rebirth player would hit lvl 150+ instant as he needs 3.9kk exp for lvl 1-150 on his first rebirth.
So the problems with a possible tweak to make weekly quests feel worthy may even go deeper than expected, as a flat exp increase would push new players way to far.

Seems it cant be done with a simple exp/gold change

And we can save the quests reward for later so perhaps you could save a few quests and hit from 1 to 150 in one second
But as Alk said, doesn’t matter, it will be always the same exp, no matter when you complete the quest

Yes thats the difficult part here. Best would be to change weekly rewards to avoid this exp jumps or connect it with the rebirths a player got so it wont push you to lvl 150 instant. But then again that may be a huge work.

Dont get me wrong. I like the idea of a weekly quest. But it being this way it feels not rewarding compared to normal/daily quests

i would go for plan b 4500 mobs is just too much but when the reward just needs to get a bit nerfed for that
Or we just get much more gems
I will never do it it would take me as a slow player more than a week to finish the quest (ignoring every other thing)

I’d upgrade exp to 250k, and gold to 200k. Also instead of gems, I would give 10x B jwls or 1 gold chest. I think exp rewards should be less important for a weekly quest. I’d try focusing on gear progression.
It is just an idea I think it would work much better.

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Also i have killed 111k mobs as a 8 rb player and i play like since a year or more so that one week challenge would be like almost 4% of total mobs i have killed

Giving out crates for weekly quests would be lit. But we still have to think about quests not being to ez and people may try to abuse them with alts.

We have already modified a few quests and bringing out more weeklies. Still hard as fuck but players should like them more.

My main concern with weekly is its just not efficient. With the amount of mobs needed to kill… you are well outside that lvl range and could be doing other mobs/quests. Take the forest quest for example. 750 kills of 6 different mobs. Even 200-300 of each most will be well past the level where its not worth finishing and just move on to higher mobs and quests.

Today, we will be posting few (doable)solutions here. Taking into account what you have posted above

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Yup, be posting them in 4 hours when home. Stay tuned.

Here is the revised quests that I came up with the other day. let me know what you guys think.

As you can see its still a high number of mobs, however, they pertain to location of which a player is at.

To read the first picture its as follows after the Orange:

Min lvl - Max lvl - exp - gold - item (in this case silver ticket)

the second picture is broken up into 2 mobs per weekly, so:

Tako/Water - Tree/Golem - obs/dw - Ice

the reason gold is so low is due to how much a silver ticket can sell for.

Edit: Also in regards to why ice is 110 this is due to make it more easy for low rb. I know a lot of you train at 100, but you got to make choices.

Looks much better now :+1:
I still wont do it …exp and gold farming is still more rewarding with ice quests and idc about silver tickets
But these hadrcore players will probably do it

its changed more than the last post. we still working on it. should be more fun but still challenging

Pfft, these new quests are a piece of cake compared to the 4500 one.