Appeal unfair ban

Very good, gentlemen Administrators I know that you are people who should be considered and who are generally attentive to the Laurum Online community, because today I want to appeal a ban on my user “Oreo”. I was banned for killing the boss of cave 3, which I was never aware that method was illegal. Therefore, I have never broken the rules of the game and worse still, I have never caused anything bad.
I’ve played the game for a long time and it’s the first time I’ve experienced something like this in Laurum. However, I have contributed to the game in a positive way in the new users although it is not much, I would like to continue in the game and I want to ask for a first and last opportunity to continue contributing to the new users in the laurum community


Is there any solution ?
I await your response @Alkanov :heart:, have a beautiful day :hearts:

@Alkanov have a beautiful day :hearts:

You have to be persevering and we hope that the staff can understand this small situation and remedy your sanction; for you to join again. :smile: