Appeal kreito plis

Hello good day
I was banned for being afk with a player who used bot I was reading a bit too I don’t know that someone was banned for buying gems I don’t know in my case that’s the problem.
Plis I want to know the reason I have never used bots or third parties


Just for clarification purposes, you were in a party with another player. They got banned for botting and you were also since you were in the party? Did you know this person or was it someone random you met in game?


I don’t know him but if I’ve played with him before I usually ask him for help when I’m going to stay afk


After looking into your case:
You were banned for multiboxing and botting.

Both accounts were using the same IP and banned at 18:37 my time.Both accounts didnt attempt to log in until 01:14 my time.

Unfortunately we dont allow multiple accounts to be in a party together or people using bots/macros.

Excuse me please, it won’t happen again.