Appeal for an unban - my ignorance of the game policy

Hello cordial greetings to the administrators, I wanted to know if an unbanning is possible since I was banned for killing the boss of “cave 3” behind a rock, without knowing that this was an illegal or punishable act, I am pleased to inform you that I have never used external applications of any kind, I have spent a lot of time playing cleanly, I appreciate your attention, my nickname in the game is: Obivlion

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Ohh come on men, It is not fair to unban for taking advantage of the bug, apart from the fact that he was always too unbearable in the game, he fought with new players, he did not allow them to advance and many other things.

Don’t unban him, He was and is a very toxic person within the game, he did not respect anyone and fought with everyone over the chat

I don’t see it fair that they unban him if he took advantage of a bug, apart from that he was always toxic with everyone

By the way, I was banned for the same reason as my colleague “mitnickk”, my friends from the union told me that they lifted the suspension of his account and told me to ask if they could lift the suspension too, leaving this topic for It is no secret that there are many toxic people in the game so that is something that has nothing to do with my suspension, I would appreciate the admin reviewing my case with total bias so that the opinions of others do not affect their response, thank you very much greetings to the administrators!

I see that there is a lot of envy, people who had problems with me and only want the worst for me, but I am not a toxic person with whom they treat me well, if I have had a problem with someone it is because that person attacked me verbally or in the game messed with my guild mates, I’ll call my guild Pada comrades to back up my words if they’re true!

Bro, you were always toxic since you started playing, you made many people leave the game because of your toxic attitude, you took advantage of a bug, it’s not fair to be unbanned being the person you were

We are not envious, it is the truth, imagine that there are already 3 of us who tell the truth, you do not deserve to be unbanned

I will only say that you do not decide that, now do me a favor, worry about your affairs, this only concerns the admin, he has the last decision

Okay. With everything I read I think that you 3 are very toxic people because we all need to play and fight less and you don’t let obivlion try to get your old ACC back you are Toxic. Admin I trust you