Any can explain me the system item drop? Admin plx

Hello, i have a confused, the item rate of my set, afect same upgrade jewel?, or only items example helmet, main weapon, book etc, i need know really please, if i have in my set 50 % drop item, what it is really? 50% more on others players for get my own jewels and gold and creature product all, or only drop items helmet books etc? … Explain me plx i so confused i am donkey…,… (T:T)

It means that if an item has 1% drop, now it has 1.5%. That’s the only realistic thing that can happen, otherwise 50% drop chance would be crazy.

But you can also see it as 50% more chance than others, which is the same as above

Ohhh, but this include the upgrade jewells too? thanks for answering i have few days in this great game :slight_smile: I’m learning, so I can teach others

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All drops that are not gold nor materials