Another enquiry about chats

I still don’t get the system talks . Yeah it seems pretty common enough. But apparently, they still don’t really seem to be system…

This one said ‘time’ and ‘one sec’ , since it was system of course it got my interest but certainly I didn’t get it.

Okay definitely not the system sayin’ kkkkkk nor mkkkk , well, that log said it did.

And this is simply me, noticing this kind of chat long ago.
I’ve seen players mentioning it too before. Someone even thought they hacked so that they can use the system channel.
Maybe we are supposed to simply dismiss it as normal but I wonder what’s the relevance, they are, mysterious :face_with_monocle:

So it’s just my curiosity…

And I can’t tackle the glitches.

Time of screenshot being taken - 13:32 , cos even when the front chat log kept showing;

The channel don’t have them.
Simply flushing indeed helps, but, that’s really unfortunate in a lot of ways. Solved, since we all mostly repeat our trade messages, such that chances are high we can get a chance to view the link of the item we’re interested in which were sent before the flush.
Thank you.

Yeah, wierd.
Maybe admins can use them, maybe the server bugged out and stopped with system messages, maybe it’s something bad or good or normal.
Plus, these blue cubes I can’t stand.

this usually happens to me, when I close some example chats (commerce, pm) and enter a pt and quickly get removed from the pt These people texting the server are not real server messages It’s just the members of your pt sending a message When you open the server chat there will be no such messages This bug I can fix with / flush sometimes
you can see the pt message that you have been removed as a server even though you are not in the pt