Alkanov hope you will read this

Good day!!! Admin, I just want to be fair. I was accused in exploiting bug about c3 and suddenly got banned you should warn the player or close the cave if it has a bug. Then, you know that no one can solo autuxl in its spot so I use the stone to hide to kill it. Lastly, I don’t know it has a bug I always wait and farm 24/7 just to got access on it 2-3days sometimes to drop but I got ban when I was wake up and log in in just 10mins that time and I was guilt about my friend getting ban his name Darza I just help him to get pet that time but we both unlucky because of accusation. Thanks that’s all.

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Can you please share your in-game nickname?

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Exconvict sir thank you for response

Even my Ip address too is ban i think, I cant play even I make another acc

How is the selling god fold real money business going?

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Me? You can check my gold and item sir if I really sell

Its only in the bank

I dont know who is saying that

I was planning to be top 1 in gold that time

Hope you will give me 2nd chance thank you

You can check too I was only trade and help others for gem if there’s a system that can detect in gifting gem

You can check too darza he always bought gem he really want to support your game but he feel disappointed I think