After level 100

New player here. Just hit level 100 and have been having problems leveling up. Was looking to see if people have any tips for me.

If you don’t seem to have your stat of exp bar increased even when you gain exp, make sure that you’re not equipping any training stones. If you equipped, your exp colour would be orange and not the normal white colour. Since the percentage goes into your training stats, thus you cannot level up. There are instances of bugs where even when you equip such a stone and complete a quest that you still manage to level up. See, that’d be a bug, so don’t mistook it as normal.
If you’re not equipping a stone but still the issue remains, ya better report it.

Party any chance you can because of the 10% bonus plus it helps.there usually parties near ice portal you can join. But most importantly focus on upgrading weapin pants and chest. Even if its a little at a time you’ll see a big difference early on. Remember when you rb youll need gear for lower levels so might not hurt to go back and hunt a few items before you rebirth. You may find yourself needing gold so do all quest you can. Also go back to trents when your 150 and farm jewels/items to sell to shop if you shy on gold.


Thanks for the reply. Didnt realize the stat gem would stop my exp gain

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