After a long time... Hi... LaurumOnline!

First of all, I would like to thank the authorities for making a game like this!
Let’s get back to our main topic. I compiled the things that came to my mind and should be in the game.

1.) I really like the difficulty of the game… But! The 2.7kk megical mission is just insane… I may be contradicting my own words but the difficulty is sweet to a certain extent because it makes you strong. (or you give up ohm…). As I said, difficulty is good, but let’s not overly salt the food. ^^ please reduce 180corrpt garbage (min100-max120)

2.) General Chat! it could be less toxic… Almost every day I see people fighting each other unnecessarily for very silly reasons.

First of all, I am not saying that pvp should not be in the open world! but I think there should be a dedicated server for those who have at least 4-5 max stats above 300lvl and close to 300lvl 30rb and I think n3 should be regulated and there should be a field for pvp only!
Use your imagination!
4.) Clan wars should also be in pvp as stated in item As stated in point 3, it must be in pvp and the rewards must be distributed for a certain period of time! (hm… people can put gold diamonds in the chest and the winner gets everything)… anything can happen if you think about it!
5.) That anyone can participate. 1v1 and weekly random people selected by admin can fight 1v1 and get special special costume or title determined by admin, maybe get special rewards from admin. “When this special event takes place once a week or once a month, a purple portal can be opened in n1 centers” and those who want can watch the event, which will last 10 minutes, where the person who gets 3win will win…

6.) If you’ve read this far, first of all thanks and ADMIN! I know when things go against everyone, we look forward to seeing you whenever you are available and for new updates.

> Hat’s all for now! Dreams are autumn! so… maybe XD

Thanks to Laurum Online and everyone who contributed to this game, the admin made this game and you helped make it what it is! (everything good and bad is also your concern! Admin did his best)

Just kidding… It varies from person to person .D

----------Well… Good day everyone and lots of toxi…death…ÖHMM ^^) Good luck everyone!----------

The translation might be bad i don’t apologize xd after all
l didn’t make mistakes on purpose. But my english is not good .d

GOOD DAY I look forward to the future!

Correction: Although 180corr is easier with V.İ.P, the prices seem to increase a lot, but on the bright side, we need 90corr now :smiley: Happy Laurum days xd

its only 50% chance to double, not a guaranteed 2 corr shar per corr trash so its not 90