AFK ? Is it afk a ban to stay and I own the LG Q60 wire. there is a feature on the phone to breathe

Is it free to stay afk in the game? I see a lot of actors doing it, but there are a lot of people banned from afk kalam in the game and I’m not afraid that my labor in the game will not go away. I own LG Q60 phone and there is a feature of breathing on my phone. (I’m afraid that my labor in the game will go away) soryy google ceviri .stay afk is banned briefly. google translate translates incorrectly.I don’t use afk .do not get me wrong.I have a feature on my phone, can I stay afk?Do not ban me. I don’t use afk.

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Being AFK isn’t against the Terms of Service. If you are using a bot/script/macro/etc it’s against the Terms of Service and will result in a ban.

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So what do you see as your breathing button on my phone? Isn’t that sort of code? Are you also sure that staying afk is banned?Do you want me to take a photo, let’s clarify the event, I don’t want to eat ban!

I am not sure what you mean by “breathing button on my phone”.


AFK is a way that players have found leveling that is less tiring, by relay. In other words, while 1 or 2 are killing the mobs the other 8 are waiting. Each group has its own form of organization, each member spends 1 or 2 hours killing to take turns, it depends on each group.

AFK is not forbidden, after all the game is very tiring and boring if you keep leveling up, so players had to resort to this strategy.

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